Friday, October 31, 2008

For Marines, Life Is More Dangerous Stateside

More Marines have died this year in motorcycle accidents than in combat.

Twenty-five Marines have died in motorcycle crashes since last November -- all but one of them involving sport bikes that can reach speeds of well over 100 mph, according to Marine officials. In that same period, 20 Marines have been killed in action in Iraq.

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Democrats Now And Then On War

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Late May As Well Be Never. The Media Examine Obama, At Last

Now they tell us! Perhaps confident that the election is in the bag, here and there individual journalists are suddenly taking little peeks under the rocks and are discovering unsavory information about their Chosen One, Barack Obama. I doubt that this has as much to do with a sudden crisis of conscience as it has to do with grasping for a shred of post-election credibility.

A fine example was the exposé in the Washington Post this week about Obama’s sleazy fundraising. The Obama campaign intentionally disabled safeguards that any honest candidate would employ to prevent donors from evading contribution laws. One donor, calling himself “Doodad Pro” has donated about $17,000, well above the legal maximum of $2300. And who knows how much money this fellow has given under other pseudonyms. Another intentionally disabled safeguard would have prevented anonymous donors from contributing through untraceable prepaid credit cards. Theoretically, one ultra-rich Hollywood liberal could give vast sums of money through the purchase of these cards. For that matter, Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez could donate any amount of money to Obama’s campaign using prepaid cards. John McCain’s donation server automatically rejects such cards.

The Washington Post also discovered that the Obama campaign had accepted $174,800 from a single donor named Mary K. Biskup, of Manchester, Missouri. When contacted by the Post, Ms. Biskup denies ever giving a cent to Obama. Her credit card records back her up. Somebody “borrowed” her name to make scores of untraceable donations. It’s no wonder that two-thirds of the staggering $150 million Obama raised in September alone came through Obama’s intentionally porous internet.

In truth, the Washington Post did almost no real investigative journalism and discovered nothing that was not already widely known for months in the blogosphere. The Post itself credited bloggers with doing the actual investigative work.

The Pittsburgh Tribune also turned up a bit of information that would have been more useful to voters had it been looked for earlier. Ever since the spreading voter registration scandal regarding the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), the Obama campaign has denied any affiliation with the supposedly non-partisan group. Even his campaign’s donation of $820,000 to ACORN was waved away as something that happened when Obama was only 47 years old.

But, what the Pittsburgh Tribune discovered was that the Obama campaign had shared its donor list with ACORN with special emphasis given to those donors who had already given the legal limit (and had not resorted to prepaid credit cards), but who might be willing to contribute to Obama’s cause through ACORN.

In summary, Obama has been lying.

And reporters are coming out of the woodwork to criticize their brethren. John King of CNN admitted last week that the media had not adequately vetted Barack Obama. Michael Malone of ABC described the media bias in favor of Barack Obama as “appalling” and “bewildering.”

As a fourth generation newspaperman, Malone finds the media bias professionally embarrassing. “So, when I say I'm deeply ashamed right now to be called a ‘journalist,’ you can imagine just how deep that cuts into my soul,” he laments.

A glaring example had to be the disparity between two similar stories regarding Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. The media quickly a spread a rumor that Sarah Palin had once belonged to an Alaskan secessionist party. That was a lie. But, what is true is that Barack Obama belonged to the Socialist New Party. This is somewhat relevant as Barack Obama sneers mockingly at accusations that his wealth redistribution schemes are socialist.

Columnist Orson Scott Card probably penned the sharpest criticism of journalism’s decline into disinformation and propagandizing. A self-described Democrat, Card stood in awe of the mainstream media’s intentional campaign of disinformation regarding the mortgage meltdown. He points out that the Democrats obstructed efforts to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He points out that the Democrats raked in the lion’s share of campaign contributions from the mortgage giants. And, considering Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s quasi-governmental status, he wonders how this would be different from the Pentagon contributing to congressmen who vote to increase the defense budget. He notes other well-known press disinformation campaigns and wonders what became of journalism’s commitment to truth telling.

I can help him with that. And I’m pretty sure he knows the answer. Economic insecurity favors the Democrats’ electoral chances this year, but only if the truth is kept from the voters.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just A Reminder: Barack Obama Is A Liar

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Obama Attempts To Bribe The Media

Strangely enough, the only press that Obama has failed to seduce is the African Press International. API claims to have a very unflattering tape of Michelle Obama's ranting. Barack Obama does not want this tape revealed and has offered a $3 million bribe to API to suppress the tape.

Six hours after the release of information by API on the planned broadcast by Fox News Network of the Michelle Obama tape, in accordance with an agreement that has been reached between API and Fox News Network, API was contacted by Obama’s Campaign Manager.

Those who are close to the democratic presidential candidate must be desperate to win the elections no matter what, otherwise they would not have taken such bold step to contact API with an offer of a bribe in order to stop the airing of the tape.

Obama’s campaign manager contacted API by telephone and email offering 3 million US dollars followed with a request to API to cancel the deal with Fox News Network.

Ten days ago API received the first request to accept 2 million US dollars by Mr Ed Hale, President of Plains Radio, Texas - USA, in an effort to suppress the information from reaching the public before the coming US Presidential elections.

API has now taken a decision to contact the American Embassy in Oslo, Norway as soon as possible in order to report the matter and hand over the evidence for investigative purposes.

API’s Canadian lawyer is expected to fly to Oslo shortly in order to assist in the legal matters that arise from the bribery attempt.

API’s Chief editor is expected to travel to New York, together with the Canadian lawyer, where he will appear live in one of the shows that will air the Michelle Obama tape.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Spokeman: Fox Wrong For Playing Obama's Words

If only Megyn Kelly were the model of all the media.

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CBS: Barack Obama Buying The Election With Dirty Cash

Now they tell us.

Actually, now they tell you. The blogosphere has know this for a long time. Thanks mainstream media.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Joe Biden Learns What It's Like To Be A Republican

Actually, the media treats Republicans far worse. Here's a fair and balanced interview on CNN. The critical question about Palin being incompetent, corrupt, stupid, etc. was actually a bald faced lie on the part of the CNN interviewer. The article he references was actually about how the media distorts Palin.

Here's the actual quote that CNN distorted.

Watching press coverage of the Republican candidate for vice president, it’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward, or — or, well, all of the above. Palin, the governor of Alaska, has faced more criticism than any vice-presidential candidate since 1988, when Democrats and the press tore into Dan Quayle. In fact, Palin may have it even worse than Quayle, since she’s taking flak not only from Democrats and the press but from some conservative opinion leaders as well….

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Enjoy Your Virgins Asshole!

And another one bites the dust. Hopefully, Bush will cleanse the earth of these guys before January 20, so there will nobody for Obama to surrender to.

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The Constitution Was Meant To Protect Us From Democrats

Barack Obama laments that the US Supreme Court has failed to force wealth redistribution of wealth.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

As Long As There Are Dogs,

The world won't totally suck.

SYDNEY (Reuters) – A dog was hailed as a hero on Sunday after it risked its life to save a litter of newborn kittens from a house fire, rescuers said.

In a case which gives the lie to the saying about 'fighting like cats and dogs', the terrier cross named Leo had to be revived with oxygen and heart massage after his ordeal. Fire broke out overnight at the house in Australia's southern city of Melbourne, where he was guarding the kittens.

Fire fighters who revived Leo said he refused to leave the building and was found by them alongside the litter of kittens, despite thick smoke.

"Leo wouldn't leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life," fire service Commander Ken Brown told reporters.

The four kittens also survived the fire and Sunday Leo, who fire fighters nicknamed 'Smoky', was again back at the house.

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Another Good Reason To Hope Obama Loses

Jesse Jackson Jr is expected to replace Obama in the Senate.

Illinois political insiders say Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who defended Barack Obama after his father famously threatened to castrate him, is the favorite to replace the Democratic nominee in the Senate.

Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) scolded his father, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, publicly after his comments were caught unexpectedly on tape before an interview with Fox News this summer.

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American News Coverage Too Biased For The Land Of Pravada

Russian will be sending observers to watch the US elections to determine whether or not we are capable of holding free and fair elections. They're already skeptical, because the American media had been so horribly slanted in its news coverage.

A preliminary report obtained by the Russian daily online newspaper Kommersant concludes the U. S. television networks devoted more time to Republican candidate John McCain, but "the material that makes up that time difference can be assessed as negative."

The Russian study also said Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential pick, has been subjected to more criticism than her Democratic counterpart, Senator Joe Biden.

It adds that when the presidential candidates' platforms are described, Mr. Obama's is described last, to make it look better, and when platforms are compared, "Obama's is presented preferable."

The observations appear to ape western criticisms of Russia's elections in which international observers have complained Russia's television networks are overwhelmingly pro-Kremlin and offer unbalanced and unfair coverage of opposition candidates.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Barack Obama: Just A Guy In My Neighborhood

Who wants to murder 25 million Americans.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Official: The New York Times is Junk

Standard and Poor's revises the New York Times credit rating to "junk" status.

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John Kerry: "I'm An Asshole, And That's Okay"

John Kerry stands by his tasteless, juvenile "joke" about John McCain wearing Depends.

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CNN Pronounces BS Upon Joe Biden

So Joe Biden's a liar. That's just Joe being Joe.

But, of course, the media focus is on Sarah Palin's clothes. Not anything important like the Democrats' plans for, "more than $4 trillion in new spending, have a big tax increase, and defund our military — while certain to face international challenges where “it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.”"

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Vote Against International Crisis

Take Joe Biden's word for it.

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What Was Joe Biden Thinking?

Like many of you, my interest was piqued when Joe Biden essentially promised his Seattle audience last week that Barack Obama would be challenged by foreign enemies, sometime during the first six months of his administration. “It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy.” As a young and callow politician with no record of resolve, Biden expects that America’s enemies will start probing for weakness as soon as Obama is inaugurated.

As one pundit noted, Biden may have been trying to put lipstick on the Bay of Pigs. The Bay of Pigs was a catastrophic failure of President John F. Kennedy’s resolve that nearly led to nuclear war when the Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev judged the young American president spineless and deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Biden, who during the same speech modestly boasted that he has forgotten more about foreign affairs that anybody else has ever known, indicated that Obama’s youth and inexperience would invite a similar test.

But perhaps even more disturbingly, Biden promised that Obama’s response would not go over well with the American public: “[H]e's gonna need help. And the kind of help he's gonna need is, he's gonna need you - not financially to help him - we're gonna need you to use your influence, your influence within the community, to stand with him. Because it's not gonna be apparent initially, it's not gonna be apparent that we're right.”

Note that he’s asking Americans to stand with Obama even if he follows an unpopular course, which is precisely the opposite of how Democrats have behaved toward the Bush administration.

In that same speech, Biden identified himself as the foreign policy expert to whom Obama would turn for expertise. So, it’s worth examining Joe Biden’s record so that we might have some idea what this unpopular response to a crisis might be.

Perhaps we should have a look at Joe’s response to the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist attacks for guidance. Biden’s initial instinct was to show some gesture of conciliation toward Arab countries: “Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran.

That’s what you get from the man considered his party’s brightest light in foreign affairs – someone who doesn’t know that Iran is not an Arab country. But of course, he’ll fit right into an Obama administration. Until relatively recently, Barack Obama believed that Afghanistan was an Arab country too.

So, if we’re attacked in 2009, will vice president Joe Biden recommend that we cut our enemies a big check? I’m pretty confident that it will not be immediately apparent to most Americans that paying tribute is the right course of action.

But frankly, it would not be out of character. Joe Biden has a lengthy history of coddling Iran. For more than a decade, Biden’s insistence upon “engagement” with Iran has consistently undermined US efforts to pressure Iran into more civilized behavior. Joe Biden’s opposition to diplomatic sanctions has enabled Iran’s nuclear ambitions and has certainly given Teheran cause to root for an Obama victory.

This is quite a different fellow from the Biden whom Obama described as a man who has “stared down dictators.” His cold war history is that of a man who shrank from Soviet expansionism and opposed aid to allies. I’m half expecting Barack Obama to declare that, “that is not the Joe Biden I knew.”

But, hasn’t Barack Obama has already had his Bay of Pigs moment? Surely his spineless response to Russia’s invasion of the Georgian Republic already has the world’s despots, terrorists and dictators salivating. In fact, just this week the speaker of the Iranian parliament made it clear that, “We are leaning more in favor of Barack Obama...” Obama treated Russia’s aggression and Georgia’s self defense are morally equivalent: “I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict. Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and to avoid an escalation to full-scale war.”

He next proposed that we invite the United Nations Security Council to straighten things out, forgetting (if he ever knew) that Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council and wields veto power over any Security Council action.

If, as Joe Biden assures us, Obama “has steel in his spine,” it must be spring steel. Are these really the guys we want answering 3 AM phone calls?

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Not Even The NY Times Can Stomach Christopher Dodd

Christopher Dodd's obfuscations regarding the sweetheart mortgage deals he received from Countrywide and what it cost America for him to receive them have finally gotten the attention of the New York Times.

According to company e-mails unearthed and reported by, Countrywide waived fees and provided mortgages at discounted rates when Mr. Dodd refinanced his homes in the District of Columbia and Connecticut. The favorable treatment could save him thousands of dollars over the course of the loans.

The Senate Ethics Committee is investigating whether the terms of the loans violated its rules on disclosing gifts. But such an investigation does not preclude Mr. Dodd from being candid.

Mr. Dodd admits he was extended “courtesies” by Countrywide. It’s time for him to extend some courtesy to his constituents and the rest of the nation and release the records on the mortgages, without delay.

Or, maybe the Times is tired of being 10 steps behind the Hartford Courant.

Sen. Christopher Dodd sounded like Dr. Seuss without the depth last week. "It is what it is," declared Dodd, mistaking Hartford for Whoville, when he told The Courant's Rick Green that he had no plans to release documents from his $800,000 in sweetheart mortgages from subprime titan Countrywide Financial.

"There is nothing to the story and I'm just not going to keep on repeating it," pronounced Dodd, as he morphed into Yertle the Turtle. "'You hush up your mouth!' howled the mighty King Yertle. 'You've no right to talk to the world's highest turtle.'"

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Monday, October 20, 2008

In The SEC, Even The Refs Are Tough

On the other hand, if that's all it takes to knock an SEC running back on his ass, then maybe it doesn't take all that much of a defense to stop SEC offenses.

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Just Air Raiding Villages And Killing Civilians - Never Forget

Just a reminder, that there really is no difference between William Ayers view of America and Barack Hussein Obama's

Unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are We Really About to Elect A Marxist?

Are your people really paying attention?

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fact Checking Obama - A Full Time Job

He's the most accomplished liar since Bill Clinton. Actually, he may be better. He's certainly more brazen. Clinton actually telegraphed his lies with body language, suggesting that he actually did have a conscience. Obama on the other hand appears quite comfortable with his lies. How many flat out egregious lies did he tell during the debate last night? Quite a few. And not once did he flinch. Here are a couple his greatest hits.

How about this one?

MCCAIN: Well, again, while you were on the board of the Woods Foundation, you and Mr. Ayers, together, you sent $230,000 to ACORN. So — and you launched your political campaign in Mr. Ayers’ living room.

OBAMA: That’s absolutely not true.

MCCAIN: And the facts are facts and records are records.

OBAMA: And that’s not the facts.

And this one...

There was a bill that was put forward before the Illinois Senate that said you have to provide lifesaving treatment and that would have helped to undermine Roe v. Wade. The fact is that there was already a law on the books in Illinois that required providing lifesaving treatment, which is why not only myself but pro-choice Republicans and Democrats voted against it.

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Looking For Someone To Blame

Irony of ironies. Christopher Dodd is holding hearings on who's to blame for the mortgage meltdown. The real news is who is missing from the witness list.

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The Narrative Trumps The Facts - Again

One of the big news stories of the last week revolved around people shouting "Kill Him" when Sarah Palin referenced Barack Obama. But, as it turns out, the story is a total fabrication. No one, aside from the pathetic little reporter who invented it claims to have heard anything of the sort.

News organizations including ABC, The Associated Press, The Washington Monthly and MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann reported the claim, with most attributing the allegations to the Times-Tribune story.

But of course, that didn't prevent the mainstream media from running with the story.

The story gained legs because the media has been creating a narrative about Sarah Palin stirring hatred at her rallies. This isn't the first time that the media preferred narrative to facts.

As happened in the Duke lacrosse team rape case, the media was seduced by a narrative that conformed to their ideology. As Newsweek's Evan Thomas apologetically phrased it:

"It was about race. Nifong's motivations clearly were rooted in his need to win black votes. There were tensions between town and gown, that part was true. The narrative was properly about race, sex and class... We went a beat too fast in assuming that a rape took place... We just got the facts wrong. The narrative was right, but the facts were wrong."

Or, I suppose, the media could once again argue that the story was "fake but accurate."

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Blames Fox News For His "Low" Poll Numbers

Just imagine if the rest of the news media were as honest as Fox.

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More Global Warming: Record Lows In Oregon

Numerous record low temperatures were recorded in Eastern Oregon last weekend. Thanks Al!

Record lows started falling Thursday with a new low of 20 for Meacham, four degrees cooler than the previous record from 2006, according to information from the Web site for the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Pendleton.

Heppner and Long Creek then set new low temperatures Friday. Heppner hit 29, the coldest that date has seen since 1960 when it was 30; and Long Creek was 21, besting the 1987 record by four degrees.

Saturday set multiple new lows, including the record 22 in downtown Pendleton. John Day dropped to 21, breaking the 1990 record of 23; Meacham's 15 broke the previous low of 20 from 2002; and Mitchell set a record with 21, five degrees cooler than the 2002 record.

Additionally, the top of Airport Hill in Pendleton set a new low of 25; the previous record was 33. And the agricultural experimental station north of Pendleton recorded a low of 18, five degrees cooler than the previous record from 1990.

The cold continued to set records Sunday. Meacham, for the third time in four days, set a record with a low of 15, one degree cooler than the 2002 record. Long Creek and Mitchell again set new records as well Long Creek's low of 21 broke with 1969 record of 25, and Mitchell's 21 broke the 1949 record of 24.

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Palling Around With Terrorists - An Obama Tradition

It isn't just William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn who stain Obama's past and present. He's closer than anyone should be to Islamic terrorists as well.

Obama's been specifically courting the Muslim vote in the United States. He courts that vote by sending his Muslim outreach director, Minha Husaini, to meet with allies of Hamas and Hezbollah.

One meeting attendee was Mahdi Bray of the Muslim American Society, several of the participants said. The MAS website describes Bray as an imam and “long time civil and human rights activist.” Bray’s critics say he has a history of defending terrorists. They point to a video of Bray at a rally in 2000, for example, in which he can be seen pumping his fist in the air in support of the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. In a 2004 interview, he called the Israeli assassination of a Hamas spiritual leader an “unlawful, cowardly and dangerous act of state-sponsored terrorism.” Bray did not return a call requesting comment.

Also attending the meeting was Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR is a Muslim-American civil rights group that has, as its website states, “consistently and persistently condemned terrorism and the killing of innocent civilians.” Nonetheless, the group has many critics, especially in law-enforcement circles, and is an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case.

In an interview on Thursday, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said that the group has filed a legal brief seeking to have its name removed from the list of unindicted co-conspirators in the federal terror case. “Obviously we see it as politically motivated and a cheap way to stigmatize” CAIR and other Muslim groups, Hooper said.

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When Does Chuck Schumer Approve Of Arab Investment In The US?

The answer, of course, is when it benefits Chuck Schumer. When is Chuckie against Arab investment in the US? When xenophobia serves Chuck Schumer's interests, of course.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CNN: Obama's In Bed With ACORN

And not even Wolf Blitzer can cover it up anymore, though God knows, he tried.

I'm sure that Obama's promise to let ACORN set his agenda is no longer relevant either.

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White Men Can't Jump

The reality version

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ACORN Is Busy, While Republicans Sleep

Thirty thousand felons illegally registered to vote in Florida? Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

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Obama And ACORN

The Wall Street Journal provides a nice summary of ACORN and its activities today. If Republicans had the good sense to hammer on this, the Democrat's role in the subprime meltdown and the Democrats' no-energy policy, they'd win in a landslide.

Do they have the nuggets? No evidence so far.

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Obama's Going To Get Even With The Jews

According to Jesse Jackson, the International Jew Banker Conspiracy will no long be running the United States under the rule of Obama.

The most important change would occur in the Middle East, where "decades of putting Israel's interests first" would end.

Jackson believes that, although "Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades" remain strong, they'll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House.

"Obama is about change," Jackson told me in a wide-ranging conversation. "And the change that Obama promises is not limited to what we do in America itself. It is a change of the way America looks at the world and its place in it."

That does sound like American liberalism these days: Blame the Jooooooooooz

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Monday, October 13, 2008

Do You Like Cats?

Yes, especially in tacos.

The 'Gastronomical Festival of the Cat' – dubbed the 'Massacre of the Moggies' – sees townsfolk in Canete, near Lima, feast on the fluffy pets for two days.

They believe that eating cat burgers – and fried cat legs and tails – can cure bronchial disease.

It is also believed that feline meat serves as an aphrodisiac.

The cats are bred especially for this festival – which takes place at the end of September on the Day of Santa Ifigenia.

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We Must Never Forget

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Answering P. Diddy

It needs to be said.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fight The Truth

Barack Obama's fight the smear web page is undergoing revision, creating new realities, particularly about ACORN.

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Barack Obama Condemns Voter Fraud (Wink, wink)

But, his campaign has given $800,000 to ACORN, an organized crime outfit that engages in systemic voter fraud.

“Barack Obama strongly condemns voter registration fraud or any other breach of election law by any party or group,” Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement. “The McCain campaign’s allegations about Sen. Obama are completely transparent and false.”

Oh, really!

But in reality, Obama's ties to ACORN are worse that just underwriting voter fraud. He actually promised to consult ACORN as he prepares his agenda.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama Promises To Let ACORN Help Set His Agenda

So, voter fraud and intimidation will become official government policy? Well, that makes sense, considering that's how Chicago does it.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

John McCain Hammers Obama On ACORN

This is another winning issue. Keep it up.

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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Forbidden Campaign Issues, Sure Winners For Republicans

Voldemort! There, I said it! I have just named he who must not be named and was not smacked down by supernatural forces. And previously, I have even middle named Barack Obama without being cast screaming into the fiery pits of hell. So why is it that, in this political season, two of the greatest challenges facing our country cannot be honestly debated?

In one of his rare honest moments during the vice presidential debate, Democrat Joe Biden “accused” John McCain of voting against biofuel subsidies. If memory serves, the number of “no” votes tallied 21. Joe smugly believed he had won one. And he did, by forfeit. Sarah Palin, probably on orders from McCain, ignored the claim. What should have been a slam dunk win for McCain/Palin, ended up as a point for Obama/Biden. The ball was set up on the tee, and Sarah Palin, as all Republicans do these days, declined to hit it out of the park.

The biofuels that Obama and Biden tout is ethanol derived from corn. They claim that it will free us from foreign oil when they know for a fact that it cannot. Surely McCain and Palin know this as well, but they elect to keep the information to themselves.

The biggest problem with corn ethanol is that it takes about as much energy to make ethanol as one gets back from burning ethanol. When one takes into account the petroleum required to plow the fields, harvest the corn, manufacture the fertilizer, transport the corn to the distillery and distill the ethanol, you’re just about breaking even. But because ethanol is so corrosive, it cannot be delivered through pipelines and must be delivered by trucks and trains. More oil burned. Using the most optimistic calculations, if we were to sow every available acre in corn and convert it to ethanol, it would reduce our current oil imports by no more than 10%. Some actually estimate that we actually have a negative energy yield in corn ethanol.

Corn ethanol has the secondary effect of causing food prices to soar. Not only is corn more expensive, but so is beef, pork, poultry and dairy products, as feed is the number one expense for the producers. In addition, the prices of other starchy crops, such as wheat and rice, will follow corn. And because so many more acres are being planted in corn for ethanol production these days, fewer acres are planted in soybeans and other staple crops. The prices of these crops have soared as well. Burning corn is creating severe food shortages in other countries. The United Nations recently cited the diversion of food to fuel as the primary contributor to a worsening worldwide food crisis.

McCain and Palin should be proud that McCain has not voted for ethanol subsidies. And in a sane world, they could hang that albatross around their opponents’ necks and win handily this November. But alas, the corn ethanol is the boondoggle that must not be named.

The same goes for the financial crisis. In an honest world, McCain and Palin should be able to hang that one around their opponents’ necks as well, and not just because Obama accepted so much money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or because Obama has disgraced former Fannie Mae CEO’s as advisors.

Using nothing but the New York Times’ archives, one can follow the whole mortgage meltdown from its origins in 1999 in Clinton Administration directives to its fruition in 2008. And you will find Democratic Party fingerprints all over it.

But Republicans so fear being called racists that they won’t take it on directly. Indeed they have already been called racists for even mentioning Bill Clinton’s over interpretation of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act in regards to the crisis. Never mind that it is easily traced back. Intending to increase home ownership among minorities, the Clinton Administration enacted rules that forced banks to give loans to people with poor credit. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac then purchased those mortgages and are now stuck with loans that will never be repaid. It’s as simple as that. But Republicans tremble in fear as Democrats blame George Bush and free markets. A free market would never have made those loans.

What better opportunity is there to speak right past mainstream media filters than during a debate? Seventy million people watched Sarah Palin and Joe Biden. Nearly as many watched Obama and McCain Tuesday.

Republicans might need a visit with the Wizard of Oz to ask for some courage.

Update: Are Republicans figuring this out?

John McCain and his Republican allies have elevated an unlikely pair of political villains to deflect blame for the slumping economy.

During a town hall in Wisconsin on Thursday, McCain called Senate Banking Chairman Christopher J. Dodd (Conn.) and House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (Mass.) “willing co-conspirators” in the current financial collapse.

This comes as conservative talk radio hosts and an outside group aligned with the GOP accuse the duo of similar crimes against the economy, particularly an allegation that congressional Democrats blocked legislation to increase regulations and oversight for mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

This latest back-and-forth shows how political the economic crisis has become after party leaders on both sides of the aisle helped usher legislation through Congress last week granting the Department of the Treasury historic authority to buy up to $700 billion in distressed mortgage-related assets.

Republicans and Democrats observed a tentative truce during negotiations over that bill. But this week they were back at one another’s throats, and Republicans decided that targeting Dodd and Frank – not terribly well known outside the Beltway — might make for good campaign rhetoric.

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McCain Hits Obama/Ayers Alliance

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Murderous Thug Extermination Day

Today is the 41st anniversary of the CIA's execution of Che Guevara. It's too bad that the CIA isn't in that business so much anymore. I can think of quite a few people who should be keeping company with Guevara in hell.

Sadly, not everyone agrees with that.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Obama - Still Smoking

It seems that Barack Hussein Obama still can't give up the coffin nails.

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James Carville Threatens Riots If Obama Does Not Win

That's really the only way to interpret this.

Let me be clear, I said you can call the dogs and light the fire and leave the house. I think it sounds over.

Now let me be clear here, if Obama goes in this race with a 5- point lead and losing this election, the consequences are -- bull, man. I mean I don't think that's going to happen, but I think David it's a point to bring up.

But you stop and contemplate this country if Obama goes in and he has a consistent five point lead and loses the election, it would be very, very, very dramatic out there.

This reminds me of the Sarkozy-Royal presidential race in France, during which the Socialist candidate, Segolene Royal predicted riots if Sarkozy won.

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Waiting For the LFL

Do you need a little something to take your mind off of Barack Obama and the credit crunch? How about the Lingerie Football League.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Another Day, Another Joe Biden Lie

This time it's the Washington Post that pronounces bullshit upon Joe Biden.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee brings up the 1993 confrontation on the campaign trial to whoops of delight from supporters. Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) mentioned it when he announced he had chosen Biden as his running mate.

During last week's debate with his counterpart on the Republican ticket, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Biden twice gave himself credit for shifting U.S. policy on Bosnia. The senator from Delaware declared that he "was the catalyst to change the circumstance in Bosnia led by President Clinton." At another point he noted: "My recommendations on Bosnia -- I admit I was the first one to recommend it. They saved tens of thousands of lives."

But, despite the bravado, Biden was not a key player in the legislation that ultimately forced Bill Clinton to lift an arms embargo imposed by the United Nations on Bosnian Muslims fighting the Serbs, according to congressional officials involved in the issue and a review of Biden's speeches and voting record.

But, he does have a much higher IQ than you do.

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CNN Calls Barack Obama A Liar

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And Let's Not Forget Bernardine Dohrn

While Obama's association with William Ayers has gained the most attention, we shouldn't forget that Ayers' wife is a special piece of work as well. She too was a terrorist with the Weather Underground. We can probably get a good taste of her character when she actually celebrated the Manson Family slaughter at the house of actress Sharon Tate.

"Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!"

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Background On Obama's Friends, William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

Hat tip: Charles Johnson

By the way, Barney Frank was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society too.

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Monday, October 06, 2008

McCain Roasts Democrats and Obama

It's about damned time.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Calling Al Gore: Global Coolin In Full Swing

The International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project has the latest data on global cooling. It's not quite what Al Gore and Joe Biden say it is.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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Not Just "Some Guy Who Lives In My Neighborhood"

That was Obama's dismissal of his association with terrorist William Ayers. That's not what he used to say.

It's interesting that the mainstream media have sent more reporters (one) to investigate Sarah Palin's claim that she could see Russia from Little Diomede Island than they have sent to Chicago to investigate Obama's association with William Ayers.

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The Dear Leader Singers

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Obama's America

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Republicans Beg Democrats To Increase Oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

The New York Times won't say this. The Washington Post won't say this. NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN won't say this. The Democrats said it themselves. If America is to hear it, then bloggers will have to get the word out.

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Obam Calls Iraq A Complete Failure

Iraq a failure?

Global Cooling To Continue

I'll predict right here and now, that this winter will be even worse than last year's. Why? Solar activity is declining.

As of Thursday, the 276th day of the year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colo., had counted 205 days without a sunspot.

In another sign of solar quiescence, scientists reported last month that the solar wind, a rush of charged particles continually spewed from the Sun at a million miles an hour, had diminished to its lowest level in 50 years.

Scientists are not sure why this minimum has been especially minimal, and the episode is even playing into the global warming debate. Some wonder if this could be the start of an extended period of solar indolence that would more than offset the warming effect of human-made carbon dioxide emissions. From the middle of the 17th century to the early 18th, a period known as the Maunder Minimum, sunspots were extremely rare, and the reduced activity coincided with lower temperatures in what is known as the Little Ice Age.

Who knows? Maybe Al Gore new 100 foot long houseboat will be trapped in ice.

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Obama Youth

Just a note to these guys. You could do any of those things regardless of who wins the election. It's up to you, not the president.


Friday, October 03, 2008

All Hail Lord Barack

The Democrats are rallying around their lord and shepherd - Lord Barack Hussein Obama.

“Barack Obama really gave them the confidence that this was the right decision for the American people,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) said.

"I want to thank one person who's not here, and that's Barack Obama, who made numerous calls and helped us get the votes to pass this," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) the House Democratic Caucus chairman.

Reps. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and John Larson (D-Conn.), both members of the Democratic leadership team, also praised Obama for helping win over Democrats who voted no on Monday and helped push the bill toward passage.

Not everybody shares the Democrats' adulation of The One.

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Hillary: Obama Doesn't Pass The Commander-In-Chief Test

But, John McCain does

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Repubicans Fight Back

It'a amazing what you can accomplish when you rise up on your hind legs.

Just where the hell has this been for the last 6 months?

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Sarah Palin - The New Reagan?

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Gwen Ifill And Mainstream Media Corruption

Has the term “journalistic ethics” become oxymoronic? When I read Wednesday that Gwen Ifill was to serve as moderator for Thursday’s vice presidential debate, I decided that it had. Ms Ifill has a book due to arrive in bookstores on January 20, 2009, not coincidentally the date when a new president will be inaugurated. The book’s title is “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.” Aside from the glaring political bias conveyed by the book’s title, how’s that book going to sell if John McCain is sworn in on that date?

Gwen Ifill doesn’t just have a political interest in the outcome of the election, but a fiduciary interest. Although she and her colleagues are doing all that they can to prevent it, it remains possible that January 20th will usher in the age of McCain and Palin. Does it matter that she has quite a chunk of change riding on the outcome? Former National Basketball Association referee Tim Donaghy is in prison for profiting from the outcome of games he officiated. Baseball’s all-time hits leader, Pete Rose is banned from baseball and the Hall of Fame because he placed bets on the Cincinnati Reds when he was the manager. Gwen Ifill has a large bet riding on the outcome of the election. And she has placed her bet on Obama. If only we could take choosing the leader of the world’s only superpower as seriously as we take sports.

Gwen Ifill isn’t unique. It’s old news that George Stephanopolous and the late Tim Russert moved directly from partisan Democratic Party politics to journalism. Move along, move along. No conflict there. And NBC’s Andrea Mitchell’s marriage to Alan Greenspan has not prevented her from reporting on the financial crisis, even though her husband bears a considerable share of the blame. The same goes for NBC’s David Gregory, who is married to Beth Wilkinson. Until very recently, Beth Wilkinson was the general counsel, executive vice president and corporate secretary for Fannie Mae. You don’t suppose that colors his reporting do you? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to come home and find his key no longer fits the locks. Going back to sports, this is like trusting East German and Soviet figure skating judges. Unfortunately, we can’t toss out the highest and lowest scores.

This is why the mainstream media are doomed. They have become thoroughly corrupted by their monopoly. In the evolving world of the new media, they must earn trust, and yet they flagrantly violate that trust. Like Dan Rather, they think that they can still win our trust with a grave expression and a rich timbre. While the media swarm all over Wasilla and Juneau, Alaska looking for every speck of dirt on Sarah Palin, only one, Stanley Kurtz of National Review, has bothered to travel to the University of Illinois, Chicago library to peruse the records of Barack Obama’s only significant executive experience, as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

Even if the press were incurious before Stanley Kurtz’s investigation, they should have been drawn to the flashing red lights when the university denied access to those records. What were they trying to hide? Who were they protecting? Inquiring minds want to know. But there were no inquiring minds at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, or anywhere else.

Once he finally gained access to the files, Kurtz tried to discuss his discoveries on a Chicago radio program. The Obama campaign instructed its drones to overwhelm the station’s telephone lines and e-mail. David Freddoso had a similar experience when he was invited to appear on the same Chicago radio program to discuss his book, “The Case Against Barack Obama.” Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

In Missouri, Barack Obama encouraged the friendly prosecutors and sheriffs to prosecute his critics. Unless you happened to be in Saint Louis watching KMOW, you didn’t hear about that from the mainstream media.

This is why the mainstream, or fossil, media are doomed. You cannot learn what Stanley Kurtz found in those records by reading or listening to the mainstream media. Obama’s thuggery was scarcely covered by local media in Chicago and Missouri and ignored by the national mainstream media. The Gwen Ifill book story only dribbled into the mainstream media after it was widely disseminated in the new media. They tell us what they want us to know and still believe that they can keep us from learning what we need to know.

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