Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rangel Brought Up On Corruption Charges

Democrats throw a party in his honor.

Democratic leaders and major party donors plan to hold a lavish 80th birthday gala for Charles Rangel at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan next month, despite 13 ethics charges pending against the veteran lawmaker.

Lobbyists and other party donors received invitations this week to join Sens. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and New York Gov. David Paterson at one of New York’s finest hotels to celebrate Rangel’s birthday.

Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are also listed as featured guests, according to an invitation viewed by The Hill. …

Now I Understand Why Barney Frank Was So Eager To Get To Fire Island

Barney Frank pitched a fit the other day because he was given a Suffolk County senior citizen's discount for a ferry ride to Fire Island. What's going on at Fire Island that Barney Frank was so desperate to join in?

Crazed Sex Poodle Skates

Portland police end investigation of Al Gore with no charges.

Former Vice President Al Gore won't be prosecuted over a masseuse's allegations that he groped and assaulted her in his Portland hotel room in 2006, the county prosecutor said Friday.

District Attorney Michael Schrunk said in a statement that the case has numerous problems and isn't appropriate for a criminal prosecution.

Among the difficulties that Schrunk cited: Although the red-haired masseuse said she was terrified of Gore, she also said she called him after their encounter and told him to "dream of redheaded women."

The Permanent Campaigner Laments The Permanent Campaign

This man is immune to irony.

The World's Ugliest Statue

A bust of Helen Thomas.

The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn has launched a fund-raising drive to pay for a statue of legendary journalist Helen Thomas that concerns some in the Jewish community.

Thomas, a former White House correspondent and native Detroiter born to Lebanese immigrants, was forced to quit her job at Hearst Newspapers last month after saying Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine."

Is There Anything Obama Won't Lie About?

Apparently not. I personally do not know who Snooki is, but I can't believe that knowing that bit of pop culture is all that shameful. But Obama saw fit to lie about Snooki on television the other day and he has now been exposed. It's not the crime. It's the cover up.

"I don't know who Snooki is," Barack Obama said on "The View" this morning. He even repeated this claim in his speech to the National Urban League.

But as Newsbusters and Jonah Goldberg revealed, Barack Obama is on the record saying her name!

In May, Barack Obama made a joke about how tan Snooki is, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, which proves that he has heard of the famous tiny woman from television.

Jonah Goldberg writes, "I for one demand articles of impeachment be drawn up. Unless, of course, he can blame it all on the TelePrompTer."

Maxine Waters The Next To Fall

First Charlie Rangel, now Maxine Waters. What is it? The culture of corruption or racism?

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) has chosen to go through an ethics trial, like the one lined up for New York Rep. Charles Rangel, rather than accepting charges made by an ethics subcommittee, a source familiar with the process tells POLITICO.

The back-to-back trials of a pair of black lawmakers represent an unprecedented use of an ethics adjudication system that has rarely been used by House members accused of breaking House rules.

Waters' case revolves around allegations that she improperly intervened with federal regulators to help a bank that her husband owned stock in and on whose board he once served.

Amnesty By Decree?

Can Obama impose his version of immigration reform without troubling with Congress? He seems to think so, although his bubble-headed mouthpiece seems to think that anyone who might believe the plain language of the memo is a kook.

USCIS, a part of the Obama administration, outlines the ideas in a draft memo that includes the possibility of issuing green cards to tens of thousands who entered the country illegally. "In the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, CIS can extend benefits and/or protections to many individuals and groups by issuing new guidance and regulations," the memo advises.
Illegal immigration in Arizona

It was prepared by senior aides for CIS Director Alejandro N. Mayorkas and made public by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), who last month asked President Obama for assurances that rumors of a reprieve for illegal immigrants were unfounded. "This memo gives credence to our concerns that the administration will go to great lengths to circumvent Congress and unilaterally execute a back-door amnesty plan," Grassley told ProPublica, a non-profit investigative team.

Queen Christine Imposes Cap And Trade By Decree

I have long understood that Washington Governor Christine Gregoire’s political appetites were ravenous and probably insatiable. And I have also long wondered how she was dealing emotionally with the glass ceiling she hit with both of Washington’s United States Senate seats occupied by Democrats, thus choking off her ascent to loftier offices. Well now I have my answer. She has decided to jump straight past the democratic process and assume the role of monarch or dictator.

It is standard procedure around the world for tin pot dictatorships to maintain a facade of republican government with a puppet legislative body. No Soviet dictator ever really thought that the Supreme Soviet would cast even one dissenting vote against his policies. North Korea’s Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, never has to worry about dissenting votes from his Supreme People’s Assembly.

And while Governor Gregoire is not likely to send Washington’s legislature to a gulag or to the bottom of Puget Sound in cement overshoes, she shows it little more respect than any other dictator.

During this last legislative session, one of Governor Gregoire’s top legislative priorities was to impose cap and trade climate change legislation on the state. Squeamish Democrats, fearing the havoc such a scheme would inflict on the state’s already weak economy, wisely let the proposal die. Queen Christine wasn’t happy. So she imposed it by executive order. She even admitted that she was usurping the legislature’s constitutional role in the process. At the press conference where she announced her diktat Queen Christine proclaimed: “What we’ve done in the executive order is everything that was in that final bill—plus. Plus! There’s more in the executive order than what was in the final bill that did not pass the Legislature.”

Further she proclaimed that her diktat would, “protect our natural resources, while creating thousands of green-collar jobs and strengthening our state’s competitiveness in the global race for a clean energy economy.”

As for those “green collar jobs,” an investigation by the Sacramento Bee found that nearly all the jobs created by similar climate change legislation in California were state regulators sent out to harass businesses and citizens and choke off real economic growth.

What she presumed was a puppet legislature did not give her what she wanted. So she simply ordered it done, as any dictator would. The legislature should consider itself fortunate that she did not also order summary executions as well and have the uncooperative legislators’ heads mounted on pikes around her mansion as a reminder to others that there is a price to be paid for crossing the queen.

Not only did she impose her law by diktat, but she ordered the Department of Ecology to withhold money specifically appropriated by the legislature for other projects and redirect the spending toward her global warming agenda. The legislature appropriates money. Her job is to spend it as ordered by the legislature and to do so efficiently. She can’t capriciously rearrange appropriations to suit her mood.

One has to wonder what is going through her head. I’m not certain that King George was this crazy. Congressional Democrats, who have shown a tin ear on every other policy, were wise enough not to impose cap and trade nationally, knowing full well the economic horrors it would precipitate. Just a few hundred miles down I-5 from the queen’s realm, California has devastated its own economy with a similar law. It’s no wonder that the Washington legislature took into consideration what passing such a law would likely mean for their careers, their constituents’ prosperity or both. It wouldn’t take much more than the most common sense to reject this idea. And that’s what the legislature did.

It may be that her persistent 35% approval rating told her that her political life was in its death throes anyway and it was time to go all in. Who knows? But what she did is certainly illegal. We do have a constitution that defines and separates powers. If the governor’s office can simply overrule the other branches of government, then we truly do live under a dictatorship.

Thankfully, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation is suing the governor trying to reverse her power grab. The EFF General Counsel, Michael Reitz, remarked what should have been obvious: “We have democratic process for a reason. The people of this state expect their lawmakers and elected officials to follow the law just like anyone else. The governor shouldn’t bypass the Legislature, regardless of her objectives.”

Friday, July 30, 2010

How Stupid Is Rick Sanchez?

Really, really, really stupid. It's the illegal part, stupid.

CNN's Rick Sanchez on Thursday actually asked an Arizona state Congressman, "What is your beef with illegal immigration?"

Imagine that, a so-called journalist asking an elected official what his beef is with people breaking the law.

Honestly, I had to watch this segment four times to convince myself that Sanchez said something this absurd.

On the other hand, those familiar with Sanchez's work will view his interview with Arizona state Rep. Rick Murphy (R) par for the course.

Read more:

Anderson Cooper Tells The Truth

Shocker! It's telling that when a mainstream journalist treats a news story honestly, it makes news.

CNN's Joe Johns surprisingly highlighted Charles Sherrod's racially-charged comments about stopping "the white man and his Uncle Toms from stealing our elections" during a segment on Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360. Johns also reported on the questions being raised by conservatives about how his wife Shirley Sherrod received her former position at the U.S. Department of Agriculture [audio clip available here].

Anchor Anderson Cooper, after devoting some time to faulting himself for not pressing Mrs. Sherrod after she labeled conservative Andrew Breitbart a "vicious" racist during a July 22 interview, introduced the correspondent's report: "There's also a new aspect to the Shirley Sherrod story...Questions about her and her husband, Charles...keep bubbling up on some conservative blogs. The questions center around why and how Shirley Sherrod got appointed to her old job at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the first place, and whether her appointment was somehow connected to a settlement she received from the government in a race discrimination lawsuit."

North Korean Soccer Coach Sentenced To Hard Labor

The North Koreans had and opportunity to showcase, East German style, the superiority of Kim Jong Il's government. Instead, they suffered an historic humiliation. The coach must be at fault.

The entire squad was forced onto a stage at the People's Palace of Culture and subjected to criticism from Pak Myong-chol, the sports minister, as 400 government officials, students and journalists watched.

The players were subjected to a "grand debate" on July 2 because they failed in their "ideological struggle" to succeed in South Africa, Radio Free Asia and South Korean media reported.

The team's coach, Kim Jong-hun, was reportedly forced to become a builder and has been expelled from the Workers' Party of Korea.

The coach was punished for "betraying" Kim Jong-un - one of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il's sons and heir apparent.

The country, in its first World Cup since 1966, lost all three group games – including a 7-0 defeat to Portugal.

Clinton Comptroller Scolds Greedy Public Sector Unions

For growing prosperous on the backs of real working people.

“There is a huge gap. State and local plans on average … are much more lucrative than typical plans for employees. State and local government employees, on average, have greater job security than people in the private sector. And state and local government employees, in the middle of government, in many cases make more money than their private sector counterparts,” Walker said during a speech at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. According to Pew numbers provided by the Chamber, the budget gap to cover state employees’ benefits totals $1 trillion.

“Therefore, if governments expect taxpayers to pay more taxes to fund lucrative benefit programs that are much better than the average employee gets, in jobs that more job security and in some cases make more money than their private sector counterparts, that ain’t gonna happen,” he said. “But the only way it’s not going to happen is if there’s transparency and if the cover is blown, so that pressure is brought to bear to make changes.”

Walker, who is now president and chief executive of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, said there are “many vested interests in the status quo, whether it be elected officials, appointed officials, union officials or otherwise.”

Judge Susan Bolton Angling For A Supreme Court Nomination

Certainly a ruling this ridiculous would catch the eye of Barack Hussein Obama's talent scouts.

Judge Bolton piles speculation atop implausible readings of the law. Say a legal alien is arrested and his release is delayed by a check on his status. Let’s put aside (as Judge Bolton does) that on average it takes the staff manning the federal database set up for such checks 70 minutes to get to an inquiry and a mere 11 minutes to answer it. Judge Bolton declares that any delay amounts to exposing legal aliens to “the possibility of inquisitorial practices and police surveillance.”

This is a tautology dressed up with scare words. It’s impossible as a matter of definition to get arrested without experiencing “police surveillance.” As for “inquisitorial practices,” blogger William A. Jacobson notes that “states already routinely run searches for a variety of statuses, including outstanding warrants, child support orders and non-immigration identity checks. Each of these checks potentially could delay release of an innocent person.”

Timothy Geithner's Government Spending Whopper

According to Timothy Geithner, Obama's spending as a fraction of the GDP is lower than Bush's and similar to Ronald Reagan's.


No wonder this guy can't do his own taxes.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made a false claim about the size of government spending being proposed by the Obama administration.

On NBC’s "Meet the Press" July 25, he said the president is proposing spending "as a share of our economy" that is "lower" than it was during the Bush administration and "comparable" to what it was under Ronald Reagan. Neither claim is true.

The administration’s own estimates project spending next year that is higher as a percentage of the economy than in any year since the end of World War II. The average projected by Obama’s budget officials is significantly higher than the average under Reagan or Bush (father or son).

Did Obama's Budget Cuts Cause Gulf Oil Spill?

That's what coming out of a fresh investigation.

These new details raise serious questions for the White House, which has repeatedly pinned the blame on BP. If it turns out the Coast Guard is at fault -- either because it didn't follow proper procedures or couldn't respond adequately because of a lack of resources -- the public has a right to know why we're just now learning this information 100 days after the disaster began.

The crippling budget cuts President Obama proposed for the Coast Guard also deserve a closer examination. Obama's spending plan reduced the blue water fleet by a full one-third, slashed 1,000 personnel, five cutters, and several aircraft, including helicopters. According to the Center for Public Integrity, the Coast Guard updated its official maritime rescue manual -- advising against firefighting aboard a rig -- just seven months before the Deepwater Horizon explosion. That change in policy came at a time when Adm. Thad Allen warned the budget cuts threatened to turn the Coast Guard into a "hollow force."

That's None Of Your God Damned Business!

It is now.

NY Times Shocked, SHOCKED, To Learn Obama's A Totalitarian

He wants to read your mail, without the inconvenience of asking a court.

They told that if I voted for McCain, Big Brother would... Oh, never mind.

Obama Looking For Any Excuse To Fire Shirley Sherrod?

As it turns out, Shirley Sherrod has been a burr in the butt for many years, dating back to the Clinton Administration, and Obama was probably looking for any excuse to get rid of her. And Andrew Breitbart gave him the chance.

"As an old pro," [Willie] Brown acknowledged, "I know that you don't fire someone without at least hearing their side of the story unless you want them gone in the first place." Brown observed that Sherrod had been a thorn in the USDA's side for years, that many had objected to her hiring, and that she had been "operating a community activist organization not unlike ACORN."

What Planet Does Charlie Rangel Live On?

Rangel claims that the charges against him don't tarnish his character?
"The question about corruption and dishonesty has never been on the table. That's the good news," Rangel said.


The GDP turned sharply lower last quarter. Some "Recovery Summer."

The deceleration in real GDP in the second quarter primarily reflected an acceleration in imports and a deceleration in private inventory investment that were partly offset by an upturn in residential fixed investment, an acceleration in nonresidential fixed investment, and upturn in state and local government spending, and an acceleration in federal government spending.
So, what little growth we experienced was funded by Obama's unsustainable deficit spending. That's comforting.

ABC Starts Its Era Of Unconcealed "Advocacy Journalism"

No one who has ever seen Christiane Amanpour doubts her leftist leanings. Not even Christiane Amanpour.

This Sunday, former CNN war correspondent and television host Christiane Amanpour will take over as host of ABC’s venerable public affairs show “This Week.” Her selection for the post, however, has caused a surprisingly potent backlash. Putting aside issues such as the suitability of a foreign affairs reporter for a show on domestic politics and reports of behind-the scenes opposition to her appointment, most of the criticism has concentrated on Amanpour’s political views and her allegedly biased reporting. In one form or another, this kind of criticism has dogged Amanpour for a very long time.

Amanpour’s career took off during the Bosnian wars and, according to many of her colleagues, this was well deserved. In a New York Times profile published at the time, they were almost unanimous in their belief that Amanpour is a gifted war correspondent. Dominic Robinson, a CNN producer, is quoted as saying, “In TV, she’s the best. She knows what she wants and how to get it. She’s really hot.” Another observer put it in vaguely politically incorrect terms, saying, “She gives great war.”

Nonetheless, many of her peers also expressed strong misgivings about Amanpour’s style. They were concerned because, in a way many journalists do but prefer to pretend they do not, Amanpour openly took sides in the Bosnian conflict. The Times profile quotes an anonymous “insider” who “has doubts about Amanpour’s commitment to objective journalism.”

Jew Money

Democrat Mike McMahon finds dirty money in his Republican opponent's campaign coffers.

If a Republican criticized a Democrat for accepting Jewish money, it would be on the evening news and the front page of every paper in country and would be treated as evidence of anti-Semitism throughout the party. But, Democrats have a long proud history of anti-Semitism and most of the news media agrees with them.

Mike Grimm, a G.O.P challenger for Mike McMahon's Congressional seat, took in over $200,000 in his last filing.

But in an effort to show that Grimm lacks support among voters in the district, which covers Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, the McMahon campaign compiled a list of Jewish donors to Grimm and provided it to The Politicker.

The file, labeled "Grimm Jewish Money Q2," for the second quarter fundraising period, shows a list of over 80 names, a half-dozen of which in fact do hail from Staten Island, and a handful of others that list Brooklyn as home.

"Where is Grimm's money coming from," said Jennifer Nelson, McMahon's campaign spokeman. "There is a lot of Jewish money, a lot of money from people in Florida and Manhattan, retirees."

More here.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

AIDS Activists Miss George Bush

AIDS activists are furious with Barack Hussein Obama for neglecting AIDS.

The rage is directed at the Obama administration, which many activists say is reneging on a commitment to continue big annual increases in global AIDS spending. The panic arises from the knowledge that in some African countries, patients who want antiretroviral treatment are being turned away and will soon start dying.

Some activists pine for former president George W. Bush, who launched a much-praised multibillion-dollar fund to fight AIDS around the world. But now, in the eyes of many, the U.S. government has replaced the pharmaceutical industry as the main impediment to progress.

Ann Coulter: The Only Conservative Commentor With Balls?

Ann Coulter has some advice for Republican and Tea Party spokesman. Grow a pair!

Since Obama became president, the only recorded violence at Tea Parties or Town Halls has been committed by liberals. Last fall, a conservative had his finger bitten off by a man from a crowd in Thousand Oaks, Calif. Two Service Employees International Union thugs have been charged with beating up an African-American selling anti-Obama bumper stickers at a St. Louis Tea Party in August 2009.

Respected elder statesmen of the Democratic Party have referred to Obama's "Negro dialect" (Harry Reid), said he would be getting them coffee a few years ago (Bill Clinton), and called him "clean" (Joe Biden). And that's not including the former Ku Klux Klan Democratic senator, the late Bob Byrd.

So I'm thinking that maybe when conservatives are called racists on TV, instead of saying, "There are fringe elements on both sides," conservative commentators might want to think about saying, "That is a complete lie."

Deal Or No Deal?

Did Charlie Rangel work out a deal or not?

New York Congressman Charles Rangel has reportedly cut a deal to admit to ethical wrongdoing and avoid a potentially humiliating public trial.

Harlem friends of Rangel tell CBS 2 they have been told that the details could be unveiled when the House Ethics Committee meets Thursday afternoon.

So I guess we can cancel Rangelmas for today, but if Rangel stays in the House, the GOP will be celebrating it every day between now and November.

Update II: Rangelmas back on?

New York Democrat Charles Rangel says there’s no deal yet to settle his ethics case and avoid a trial on charges of violating standards of conduct.

Rangel told reporters outside his office, “Until someone tells me there’s a deal, there isn’t.”

Looks like the trial’s still on. (via the Boss Emeritus)

Lindsey Graham Opposes Citizenship For Illegal Immigrant Children?

Even a blind pig finds and acorn now and then. Who knew that Graham has balls? I figured that he must have used his up during Clinton's impeachment.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) announced Wednesday night that he is considering introducing a constitutional amendment that would change existing law to no longer grant citizenship to the children of immigrants born in the United States.

Currently, the 14th Amendment grants citizenship to any child born within the United States.

But with 12 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, Graham said it may be time to restrict the ability of immigrants to have children who become citizens just because they are born within the country.

“I may introduce a constitutional amendment that changes the rules if you have a child here,” Graham said during an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. “Birthright citizenship I think is a mistake, that we should change our Constitution and say if you come here illegally and you have a child, that child's automatically not a citizen.”

Go Charlie Go!

Charlie Rangel will not back down. Go Charlie!

Rep. Charlie Rangel, the flamboyant Harlem Democrat, was working frantically Wednesday to strike a deal with House colleagues that will spare him the kind of open ethics trial that has not occurred there since 2002.

But to escape that fate Rangel would have to admit guilt and accept punishment for charges ranging from failure to pay taxes on rent from a Dominican Republic villa to using his influence as chairman of the powerful Ways & Means Committee to secure donations for a namesake school in his district.

Rangel's reluctance to admit guilt has frustrated Democratic leaders eager to avert a full-blown trial that would allow Republicans to portray the party in power as corrupt and out of touch with voters, sources said.

That's the last thing Democrats need as they head into an midterm election where dozens of Democratic House seats are in jeopardy.

"In the fall, Charlie Rangel will be the advertisement that sinks marginal Democrats," said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic political consultant in New York City. "If played properly by the Republicans, Rangel becomes the symbol of congressional corruption versus public morality, and abuse by Washington versus public good."

Tony Hayward Was Right

The recently ousted president of BP said early on that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was no big thing - that the environment could easily handle it. He was scalded for his remarks. It turns out that he was right. Journalists complained that Barack Hussein Obama was keeping them away from cleanup areas because he was trying to hide the environmental devastation. It now seems that he was trying to conceal the lack of damage.

President Obama has called the BP oil spill "the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced," and so has just about everyone else. Green groups are sounding alarms about the "Catastrophe Along the Gulf Coast," while CBS, Fox and MSNBC slap "Disaster in the Gulf" chryons on all their spill-related news. Even BP fall guy Tony Hayward, after some early happy talk, admitted the spill was an "environmental catastrophe." The obnoxious anti-environmentalist Rush Limbaugh has been a rare voice arguing that the spill — he calls it "the leak" — is anything less than an ecological calamity, scoffing at the avalanche of end-is-nigh eco-hype.

Well, Rush has a point. The Deepwater explosion was an awful tragedy for the 11 workers who died on the rig, and it's no leak; it's the biggest oil spill in U.S. history. It's also inflicting serious economic and psychological damage on coastal communities that depend on tourism, fishing and drilling. But so far — while it's important to acknowledge that the long-term potential danger is simply unknowable for an underwater event that took place just three months ago — it does not seem to be inflicting severe environmental damage. "The impacts have been much, much less than everyone feared," says geochemist Jacqueline Michel, a federal contractor who is coordinating shoreline assessments in Louisiana.

Read more:,8599,2007202,00.html#ixzz0v4oKQSN1

Whom Does Obama Fear?

Obama tells us who he fears by who picks fights with. We know that he fears Sarah Palin. We know now that he fears Paul Ryan.

The decision to so publicly elevate and critique Ryan shows both the seriousness with which Obama and his top advisers take Ryan’s alternative vision for the country’s future, as well as the vehemence with which they disagree. Orszag’s push against the “Road Map” came on the same day that the Democratic National Committee attacked the plan in a preview of their midterm election strategy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Democrats Stage A Sit In

Bring back the sixties baby! All they need are bell bottoms.

Six House members crossed the Capitol to stage a "sit-in" in the Senate chamber to protest what they believe to be GOP obstruction of jobs legislation.

These House Democrats sat quietly in the back of the chamber and were approached by both Majority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois and Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah, who shook the hands of the upper chamber visitors.

Democratic Reps. Donna Edwards of Maryland, Carolyn Kilpatrick of Michigan, Danny Davis of Illinois, Ed Perlmutter of Colorado, Gwen Moore of Wisconsin and Jackie Speier of California seated themselves in the area from which Senate staffers ordinarily watch their bosses on the floor.

Nothing really came of the silent protest.

Just like in the old days.

Democrats Change Their Minds About Draining The Swamp

That wasn't Steny Hoyer's idea anyway. He was all for keeping the swamp full I suppose.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday noted that it was Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), not him, who promised to “drain the swamp” of corruption in Washington.

Pelosi famously vowed in 2006 to “drain the swamp” that ensnared Republican members and their leaders during the George W. Bush administration.

During his weekly press conference on Tuesday, Hoyer clarified that he has never used that phrase.

“I didn’t use that term,” Hoyer said when asked if he thinks Democrats have “drained the swamp.”

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

World To End

In 172 years. Maybe.

An international team including NASA experts warned a 560m wide space rock has been discovered heading this way.

If it did hit Earth it would blast a crater several miles wide and could devastate a city the size of London, wreaking death and destruction for hundreds of miles in every direction.

Charlie Rangel Turns To Lobbyists For Help

When liberal, capitalist bashing leftists get into trouble, where do they run for cover? K Street.

Two of the three firms providing legal counsel to Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., in his pending ethics cases are lobbying firms. In fact, one firm, Oldaker, Belair & Wittie, conducts much of Rangel's political fundraising, while operating four different lobby shops.

But who's ultimately paying Rangel's legal bills? Mostly corporate and union political action committees along with individual lobbyists. Over the past six months, PACs and lobbyists have accounted for a majority of the money Rangel's campaign has raised this year, not counting transfers from Rangel's other fundraising operations

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

John Podesta Looking For Aliens

Not illegal aliens of course, unless it's to register them to vote. He's looking for UFO's. This really is the second coming of the Carter Administration.

John Podesta is a distinguished Washington insider. He is currently the president of the liberal Center for American Progress, and previously served as co-chair of Barack Obama’s presidential transition team (2008-2009) and White House chief of staff for Bill Clinton. Podesta is also a visiting law professor at Georgetown.

Not included on his official resume is a peculiar position he’s long-supported – investigation into UFOs.

Mexico's Catch And Release Drug War

Clearly, Mexico is not serious about combating the drug lords.

It's practically a daily ritual: Accused drug traffickers and assassins, shackled and bruised from beatings, are paraded before the news media to show that Mexico is winning its drug war. Once the television lights dim, however, about three-quarters of them are let go.

Not Even Jon Stewart Buys The Left's Smear Of Fox News

It has become Obamaton boilerplate to blame Fox News for the firing of Shirley Sherrod, even though it's easy to document that Fox News committed none of the sins attributed to them by the professional ass coverers. Jon Stewart is having none of it.

Howard Dean Trying To Rehabilitate Himself

After making a complete ass of himself on Fox News Sunday, Howard Dean is trying to create an alternate reality.

Appearing as a guest on Monday’s The Ed Show on MSNBC, former DNC chairman Howard Dean renewed his discredited claim that FNC had played clips of former USDA official Shirley Sherrod before her forced resignation, and suggested that Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace had deceived him in denying that there was FNC coverage before her firing. Dean: "I happen to like Chris Wallace, but he was really not being exactly accurate when he talked about ‘we didn`t say one word about this before the Secretary of Agriculture fired her.’ The fact of the matter is they were pushing this story very, very hard all day. It may be true that they didn`t mention her name, but they sure did run the tape without mentioning her name."
All, untrue. And he knows it.

Blaming Bush Doesn't Work Anymore

Barack Hussein Obama's dispirited base facing reality.

The summer of the discontented voter steams onward and, unfortunately for President Obama, polls show voters are no longer blaming the bad times on the George W. Bush administration.

Add Hispanics to the growing list of Obama supporters disgruntled by aspects of the presidents performance, in what has become for the White House and Democrats a seemingly daily beat of gloomy polls.

Mr. Obama gets only lukewarm ratings on issues important to Hispanics in a Univision/AP poll released Tuesday, and, according to a separate Reuters-Ipsos survey, Americans overwhelmingly believe the president has failed to focus enough on job creation.

"A lot of these folks wouldn't like him no matter what, but I think the country has pretty much the same problems it did before Obama took office — at least that's how voters feel — and more and more that's becoming Obama's fault rather than Bush's fault," said Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling.

Al Gore's Feeble Defense

Lloyd Grove laments Al Gore's feeble response to the "crazed sex poodle" allegations. Maybe he hopes that if he ignores them, they'll just go away.

Now, four weeks into his multimedia ordeal, Gore hasn’t managed to formulate an effective PR strategy to counter the toxic fallout polluting his once-gleaming image. And crisis managers say his passive stance is only fueling the problem. What’s more, he has yet to personally confront the allegations in a public forum, and refuses to take questions from the howling media mob during increasingly furtive speaking appearances. Inevitably, the ugly charges and Gore’s apparent evasiveness are harming his reputation.

“’Crazed sex poodle’ has got to be one of the great coinages of our time,” says Los Angeles-based crisis-communications expert Allan Mayer, who says that Gore, if blameless, should fight the charges, possibly by going on a respected morning television show opposite a tough interviewer “like Matt Lauer.” Mayer also advises Gore to file a libel suit against the National Enquirer, which broke the story, and his accusers. “Whenever you’re accused of anything these days, and it’s not true, you have to fire back with both barrels—give an unequivocal denial and, if possible, an explanation,” Mayer says. “I find it hard to understand why he wouldn’t do that, except for the fact that it might be true. From the way he’s been behaving, the only logical inference is that there must be at least some truth to these allegations.”

Senator Kerry Is Blowing In The Wind

John Kerry imagined a return to his 1960's glory days. But,this is 2010 and he's a tired, ineffective old chair warmer. It's time to act like a grownup.

Sen. John Kerry, whose windsurfing came to symbolize what critics derided as his tendency to heed the politics of the moment, has trimmed his sails over the significance of the recent leak of some 92,000 U.S. military documents on the Afghan war.

On Sunday evening, as news broke of the disclosure -- the documents were provided to The New York Times and others by the organization WikiLeaks -- Kerry rushed into the fray...

...Today, Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, struck a more nuanced tone. "I think it's important not to over-hype or get excessively excited about the meaning of those documents," Kerry said at the start of a committee hearing on prospects for negotiating an end to the Afghan war.

He said the release was unlawful and could potentially endanger U.S. troops in Afghanistan. But he also said the secret documents should be given little weight because in many cases they reflect raw intelligence, not carefully calibrated assessments of trends on the ground. Some of the documents, Kerry said, are "completely dismissible," but others are not.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

$200 Million Treasure Purchased For $45!

Long lost Ansel Adams negatives found at a garage sale.

Rick Norsigian's hobby of picking through piles of unwanted items at garage sales in search of antiques has paid off for the Fresno, California, painter.

Two small boxes he bought 10 years ago for $45 -- negotiated down from $70 -- are now estimated to be worth at least $200 million, according to a Beverly Hills art appraiser.

Those boxes contained 65 glass negatives created by famed nature photographer Ansel Adams in the early period of his career. Experts believed the negatives were destroyed in a 1937 darkroom fire that destroyed 5,000 plates.

"It truly is a missing link of Ansel Adams and history and his career," said David W. Streets, the appraiser and art dealer who is hosting an unveiling of the photographs at his Beverly Hills, California, gallery Tuesday.

Barney Frank Makes An Ass Of Himself In Public

How much is your dignity worth? Barney Frank's isn't even worth a buck.

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank caused a scene when he demanded a $1 senior discount on his ferry fare to Fire Island's popular gay haunt, The Pines, last Friday. Frank was turned down by ticket clerks at the dock in Sayville because he didn't have the required Suffolk County Senior Citizens ID. A witness reports, "Frank made such a drama over the senior rate that I contemplated offering him the dollar to cool down the situation." Frank made news last year when he was spotted looking uncomfortable around a bevy of topless, well-built men at the Pines Annual Ascension Beach Party. Frank's spokesperson confirmed to Page Six that his partner, James Ready, asked the ticket office for a regular ticket for himself and a senior ticket for Frank, "but was turned down because Frank didn't have a resident ID."

It's Going To Get Dark Tonight

And other scary stories from Al Franken.

"They'll implement a truly dangerous agenda," Franken said Saturday. "Everything is on the table, from repealing health care reform to privatizing Social Security." Not only will GOP lawmakers "punch loopholes in our regulations," they will also "shred the social safety net," while their "corporate backers" work to enact "an even more dangerous agenda."

Bad as all that might be, Franken suggested that a little-known Republican congressman from California is plotting something even worse. "Darrell Issa is planning to double his staff," Franken said, referring to the ranking Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, "and embark on a witch hunt in hopes of bringing down the Obama administration."

A lot of Republicans chuckled when they heard that. Issa planning to double his staff? Well yes, that's what happens when a party takes over the House. Since 1995, the practice of the oversight committee has been to have a two-to-one ratio of majority to minority staff. When Democrats took control after winning the House in 2006, they doubled their staff, while the losing Republicans cut theirs in half. If Republicans win in 2010, they will double their staff and Democrats will cut theirs in half. That's the way it works.

Obama Plans Three Vacations In August

After laboring through 4 vacations in the previous month. It's hard being president. As Obama said, "everyone must sacrifice for the greater good." Unless your name is Barack Hussein Obama.

The White House announced this week that the Obama Family has three vacations planned for August. Michelle and daughter Sasha will travel to the coast of Spain next week with close family friends. Later in the month the First Family will vacation in Florida before their 10 day vacation in the upscale northeastern resort island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The vacations were announced after the president told the media this past weekend:
“We’re not that far removed from what most Americans are going through.”
Yeah right.

Oliver Stone Apologizes

I guess even Oliver Stone fears the Jews.

"In trying to make a broader historical point about the range of atrocities the Germans committed against many people, I made a clumsy association about the Holocaust, for which I am sorry and I regret. Jews obviously do not control media or any other industry. The fact that the Holocaust is still a very important, vivid and current matter today is, in fact, a great credit to the very hard work of a broad coalition of people committed to the remembrance of this atrocity — and it was an atrocity."
Of course, he took a different tack earlier.

Free Speech Is Still Free

Obama still doesn't have the votes to smother free speech.

Despite a last-minute assist Monday from President Barack Obama, Senate Democrats are likely to fall short of the votes needed to break a filibuster of the campaign finance reform bill set for a key vote Tuesday.

The DISCLOSE Act — developed in response to a Supreme Court ruling revoking many of the nation’s campaign finance laws — would force corporations to disclose their contributions to federal campaigns. The bill already has cleared the House, but even with support from the White House, and changes made late last week by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) aimed at making the bill more appealing to moderates, the path to the 60 votes needed in the Senate is just as bleak as it was weeks ago.

Schumer, the Senate’s No. 3 Democrat, would not say definitively Monday whether leadership had corralled every Democratic vote — Ben Nelson of Nebraska, for example, broke with his party in 2002 to vote against the McCain-Feingold campaign reform bill. His office did not respond to requests Monday about how the senator, who also has voted against his party on recent unemployment benefit packages, intends to vote Tuesday.

The DISCLOSE Act should have informed everyone why we shouldn't trust Democrats on anything. In response to to the Supreme Court decision, the Democrats crafted a bill that limited the political speech of Republican leaning special interests while easing rules for Democrat leaning groups.

Read more:

MSM Journalist Tells The Truth, Upsets Katie Couric's World

While the news media have chosen to focus on civilians killed accidentally by US strikes, Laura Logan points out that the Taliban have killed ten times as many intentionally.

"Well, the issue of civilian casualties is a major one and the U.S. has taken a lot of criticism because of this. However, what's interesting to note that is according to the documents, 195 Aghan civilians have been killed. But also according to the documents, two thousand Afghan civilians have been killed by the Taliban, which is more than ten times the number said to be killed by U.S. and NATO forces. And very little is being made of that. The coverage would indicate that it's more of an issue for the U.S. to kill Afghan civilians than it is for the Taliban to do so."

Tom Tancredo Stuck On Stupid

Or, how to hand a winnable election to the Democrats. Tom Tancredo does have one loyal fan base - the Democrats.

Former Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo is moving ahead with a third-party campaign for governor, jeopardizing Republican chances of capturing the Democratic-held seat this fall.

The conservative Republican and anti-illegal immigration activist’s decision follows a threat he issued last week to GOP candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes: Drop out of the race after the Aug. 10 primary and allow the state party to pick a better general-election candidate, or face Tancredo as a spoiler.

On Monday, Tancredo confirmed his plans for a bid on the American Constitution Party line, telling POLITICO: “I am going to seek the nomination of the party and then we have to take a bunch of steps.”

Go Charlie Go!

Charlie Rangel hangs tough.

Facing an ethics trial that may end his 40-year congressional career, Rep. Charles Rangel grew emotional Monday, saying the investigation has “been a very traumatic experience for me and for my family and my constituents.”

But it may only get worse for Rangel in the coming days.

The House ethics committee will release the detailed results of its Rangel probe Thursday, and a special investigative subcommittee has already concluded there is “substantial reason to believe” that he broke House ethics rules.

Release of the report will coincide with the beginning of a “trial” of Rangel by a special eight-member committee, a legal proceeding that could drag on well into the fall, potentially becoming an issue for vulnerable House Democrats when they go before voters Nov. 2.

Joe Sestak Is Not A Liberal

According to Joe Sestak. I guess all those votes for gun control, ObamaCare, Porkulus, Cap and Trade, opposition to the First Amendment, etc were cast by another Joe Sestak. That other Joe Sestak voted with the most wacked out liberal in the House of Representatives (Nancy Pelosi) 97% of the time.

Joe Sestak continued Monday to distance himself from Nancy Pelosi while at the same time tying his Republican opponent Pat Toomey to George W. Bush.

Sestak, speaking at the Pennsylvania Press Club, was asked whether he believes Speaker of the House Pelosi is a liberal or a pragmatist. Sestak describes himself as the latter.

He said he didn't know, but also said he never looks at her voting record.

"My office is forbidden to look at talking points that come out of the speaker's office," the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate said. "Look, I didn't agree with Nancy Pelosi when she endorsed Arlen Specter."

The subject is especially sensitive for Sestak, who recently lost a battle with Pennsylvania television stations to pull a commercial that says he "gives it 100 percent to Nancy Pelosi." Sestak argued that he hasn't voted with Pelosi every single time (it's about 97 percent ), but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which paid for the ad, won the argument that on the big issues of the day — health care, energy, economic stimulus — Sestak has voted with Pelosi.

Taxes Are For Little People

The John Kerry edition.

The Winners In The Oil Spill


BP PLC and the other companies involved in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are faced with fast-multiplying lawsuits that will provoke one of the most drawn-out and costliest legal battles in U.S. history, one that could easily consume the $20 billion set aside by BP to pay for the disaster, according to legal experts and attorneys nationwide.

One veteran complex litigation attorney estimated that unless there is a quick settlement that satisfies all sides, it will be 2015 before any trials begin and at least 2028 before appeals and other legal issues are fully resolved. The attorney, Lela Hollabaugh of Nashville, Tenn., pointed out that it took 20 years to complete all claims from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil disaster in Alaska.

“When you’re looking at an incident like this, which has so many different parties in different states, you just simply can’t get through the litigation quickly,” Hollabaugh said. “It just takes a long time to move through the process.”

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oliver Stone Blames The Jews

For Adolph Hitler's bad reputation. He intends to correct that misconception. And he plans to rehabilitate Stalin's reputation too. And Showtime is paying for it. How does this guy skate and prosper in Hollywood while Mel Gibson's career goes down the toilet?

Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times today, claiming that America's focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the "Jewish domination of the media."

The director also defended Hitler and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and railed against the "powerful lobby" of Jews in America.

Stone said that his upcoming Showtime documentary series "Secret History of America," seeks to put Hitler and Communist dictator Joseph Stalin "in context."

Senile Bob Scheiffer Defends The Old Media

The guy who uncritically repeated charges of racial slurs and claimed ignorance of the New Black Panthers controversy still claims that the old media is superior to the new media.

Four months after leading Face the Nation with uncorroborated allegations from left-wing bloggers about racist and homophobic outbursts by anti-Obamacare protesters, spread in an effort to discredit President Obama’s opponents, CBS’s Bob Schieffer cited the Shirley Sherrod case to propound on the superiority of his fact-checking “Old Media” over the careless “New Media.”

In his commentary on Sunday, Schieffer boasted of how “we still call people involved in a story to get their side; editors fact check; and we never publish or broadcast anything unless we think it's true.” In contrast, he lectured, “last week, we saw what can happen when it's done the other way. A partisan blogger with an agenda -- not a journalist -- put the heavily edited, totally out of context, now infamous soundbite of Shirley Sherrod on the Internet. Some of the cable folk picked up the story, and demanded the woman's ouster.”

Obama Argues That Things Could Be Worse

For once I agree with Obama. Things could have been a lot worse. We could have had cap and trade and single payer healthcare. But that's not what he meant.

President Barack Obama, who rocketed to the White House promising "change you can believe in," is now telling voters they shouldn't change a thing.

His message for the fall elections, which are looking ominous for his Democrats, is that Republicans caused the nation's economic troubles, but he and the Democrats are starting to fix them. So stick with the Democrats and don't go back to the GOP.

"This is a choice between the policies that led us into the mess or the policies that are leading out of the mess," Obama said recently in Las Vegas.

Trouble is, it's a tough sell to voters who've seen little progress.

Mandatory Homosexuality

At Augusta State University.

An Augusta State University counseling student has filed a lawsuit against her school claiming it violated her First Amendment rights when it told her to change her traditionalist Christian views on homosexuality or get out.

The Alliance Defense Fund filed suit Wednesday on behalf of Jennifer Keeton, 24, seeking to stop the school from expelling her from her master’s degree program.

“They made a cascading series of presumptions about the kind of a counselor she would be and have consequently … tried to force her to change her beliefs,” David French, the ADF attorney representing Keeting in the case, told The Daily Caller. “It’s symbolic of an educational system that has lost its way.”

The suit alleges the university retaliated against Keeton for stating her belief that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and not a “state of being,” and that gender is not a social construct subject to individual change. According to the suit, the school wants her to undergo a “thought reform” program intended to change her religious beliefs. She faces expulsion unless she complies, and the suit seeks to block the university from throwing her out for noncompliance.

“Is saying there is such a thing as a male and a female as distinct, and that gender isn’t merely a social construct … such a dangerous position that it has to be banned from a profession?” French asked.