Monday, March 26, 2012

Andrew Breitbart

Before John Solhan left for the anti-ObamaCare protest at the Supreme Court, he printed out a bunch of posters bearing Andrew Breitbart’s face.

Breitbart, the conservative Internet publisher who challenged the mainstream media, died March 1. The black-and-white image of his face was recognizable to virtually every Tea Party demonstrator standing just past the steps that ascend to the high court, where justices were hearing the first hours of argument over President Obama’s health care law.

The tea partiers organized an impromptu protest in mid-morning as ObamaCare allies had a press conference of their own just a few paces away. If Breitbart were alive, Solhan said, he would have commandeered the liberals’ presser just as he did at an embarrassing news conference organized by Rep. Anthony Weiner last year.

“We’re all citizen journalists now,” said Solhan, who is from Indianapolis. “We’re doing your job for you.”


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