Sunday, March 25, 2012

Journalists Embrace Obama Style Transparency

C-SPAN banned from annual White House correspondents dinner.
We hear stories often about the media crying because access is denied. In the courtroom, in the back room, in the smoke-filled room. If the media is banned, it will complain, and most often it is justified.

What about when the media itself denies access to one of its own?

The annual White House Corespondents Dinner is coming up in April, and the media has banned C-SPAN from broadcasting the event. No reason given, just C-SPAN cannot do what it has done in the past by providing full video of the event. Some journalists have complained about the lack of access. Imagine that?

The VP of C-SPAN, Terry Murphy has written a letter complaining about the change in policy by the "Gridiron Club" that runs the event and also sees this as an issue separating the print and electronic media. Once the dinner has ended, print media can report on what was said, but no video will be released.


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