Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Did They Know And When Did They Know

The mainstream news media have a history of sheltering liberal darlings from their indiscretions. We have just now learned (four years later) that John Edwards wasn't just boffing his personal videographer for all to see, he was also partaking of prostitutes.
A call girl working for alleged "Millionaire Madam" Anna Gristina told investigators she was paid to have sex with former U.S. Sen. John Edwards when he was in New York raising money for his failed presidential bid, DNAinfo has learned.

Edwards is the first big name to surface in connection to Gristina's alleged prostitution scheme run out of an Upper East Side apartment.

His lawyers were contacted by DNAinfo, but did not comment.

According to “On The Inside” sources, Edwards allegedly hooked up with one of Gristina’s high-end hookers in 2007 when the dashing pol from North Carolina brought his then high-flying presidential campaign to the Big Apple.

The one-night fling allegedly took place at an Upper East Side hotel suite and was arranged by an aide with help from a New Yorker familiar with Gristina’s prostitution ring, sources said.
Based upon what we've learned about Edward's seedy, Clintonesque/Kennedy-like personal behavior, this really doesn't constitute major league scandal status anymore. 

What I'd like to know is who among the mainstream news media averted their eyes from this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the continued presence of David Vitter in the Senate is pretty good evidence that partaking of prostitutes doesn't constitute major league scandal status anymore.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

In Louisiana, it's probably a resume enhancement. Wasn't it Democrat Edwin Edwards who famously boasted that he would only lose an election in Louisiana if he were caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy?

9:13 AM  

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