Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Highly Educated Children Of Immigrants Leaving US For Better Opportunity

In China and India? I'm trying imagine telling my grandchildren that I can remember the day when people came to the US because of the opportunities that existed here.

In growing numbers, highly educated children of immigrants to the US are uprooting themselves and moving to their ancestral countries, experts say. They are embracing homelands that their parents once spurned but that are now economic powers.

Some, like Kapadia, had arrived in the US as young children, becoming citizens, while others were born in the US to immigrant parents.

Enterprising Americans have always sought opportunities abroad. But this new wave underscores the evolving nature of global migration, which is presenting challenges to US supremacy and competitiveness.

In interviews, many of these Americans said they did not know how long they would live abroad; some said it was possible they would remain expatriates for many years, if not for the rest of their lives. Their decisions to leave have, in many cases, troubled their immigrant parents. Yet most said they had been pushed by the dismal hiring climate in the US or pulled by prospects abroad.

"Markets are opening, people are coming up with ideas every day, there's so much opportunity to mold and create," said Kapadia, now a researcher at Gateway House, a new foreign-policy research organisation in Mumbai. "People here are running much faster than those in Washington."
Thank you Barack Hussein Obama!


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