Monday, April 09, 2012

Mainstream Media Watchdod Sees Nothing

Howard Kurtz flatters himself as the final judge of the mainstream news media's quality and honesty. But, he's been struck dumb by NBC" flagrant fraud.
[I]n a wrap-up segment at the very end of his show, Kurtz acknowledged the NBC News scandal. No discussion of the ramifications of the edit and how it played into the network's over-all coverage of the Martin story.  No discussion of how NBC News handled the issue by keeping the producer's name secret so he could work in the industry again.  No broader discussion of NBC News and Al Sharpton and their roles in advocating and stoking the Trayvon story rather than objectively covering it.

No, the priority for Kurtz and "Reliable Sources" was to have a ten minute panel discussion about Sarah Palin's performance as a guest-host on the "Today Show".  Thanks for keeping a close watch on the media for us, Howie.


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