Thursday, April 12, 2012

Media Continue To Spin Wildly For Obama

If nothing else, Mitt Romney exposed the news media for the Obama propagandists they are. Romney noted that 92.3% of all jobs lost during the Obama years were lost by women. 

The media went nuts trying to disprove it and failed. Romney's math was dead on. So now they're spinning with a curious notion that George Bush is still to blame for jobs lost long after he left office.
Romney’s math is solid as far as it goes. But more men than women have lost jobs since the recession began — that’s why economists called it a “man-cession.”

In blaming Obama for “turning the clock back 20 years on American women,” as the Romney campaign puts it, Republicans are hoping to counter Obama’s perceived advantage with female voters. But they ignore how recessions generally — and the last one in particular — unfold, and they hold Obama accountable for the state of the economy from the time he took office, before his policies could make any difference.

“This is political gaming,” said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial, a financial services company. “You can play a lot games with statistics — both sides are doing it.”
Earlier, the Washington Post invented a "true but false" finding in its Fact Checker column.

And the ironically misnamed PolitiFact calls Romney's claim "mostly false" while confessing that Romney's actual facts are dead on.


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