Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Next We'll Learn That Distrust Of Science Is A Mental Illness

A recent study revealed that political conservatives don't trust science. Maybe this is why.
Start with the study that says drunk people are more conservative: “Do you feel more conservative when you are drinking? If so, that’s because you are ‘cognitively impaired’ according to a new study by psychologist Scott Eidelman at the University of Arkansas.”  Yeah, that’s sure my experience with drunk chicks in bars—they’re always much more conservative and inhibited.  Ditto for frat boys: I know I’ve seen lots of frat boys head out to walk precincts for Rick Santorum after every kegger.

Then there’s this study reported in the Puffington Host, saying conservatives display “low effort” thinking, whatever that is.  Perhaps it means we switch the channel when CNN is on?  That takes low effort from me.  Or this one in Time magazine, claiming conservatives and liberals can’t feel each other’s pain.  I think it was written by Bill Clinton writing under a pseudonym.


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