Thursday, April 19, 2012

Obama Charges $1000 For A Handshake

“A thousand dollars is a lot of money,” Lonnie Peek, one of the fortunate few to touch Obama personally, told CBS. “But other folks are kickin’ in for their candidates, so what you do is you bite the bullet. You wanna have your conscience good, to feel that this is what I did. You know, you go without a couple of meals. We can miss a couple meals.”
Believe it or not, there was once a time when Barack Hussein Obama disapproved of such things.
President Obama regularly hosts high-dollar fundraiser for his reelection campaign, many of which routinely sell tickets for $35,000 per person. While the President's fundraisers often bring in millions of dollars for his re-election efforts in 1996 a young 35-year-old Obama, then a civil rights attorney running for State Senate, criticized such events as selling access.

Obama told the Cleveland Plain Dealer:
"You got these $10,000-a-plate dinners and Golden Circles Clubs. I think when the average voter looks at that, they rightly feel they're locked out of the process. They can't attend a $10,000 breakfast and they know that those who can are going to get the kind of access they can't imagine."


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