Monday, April 02, 2012

Obama Threatens The Supreme Court

No respect for the separation of powers - again. Ironically, if the Supreme Court does overturn ObamaCare, they'll simply be agreeing with Barack Hussein Obama circa 2008.
President Barack Obama took an opening shot at conservative justices on the Supreme Court on Monday, warning that a rejection of his sweeping healthcare law would be an act of "judicial activism" that Republicans say they abhor.

Obama, a Democrat, had not commented publicly on the Supreme Court's deliberations since it heard arguments for and against the healthcare law last week.

Known as the "Affordable Care Act" or "Obamacare," the measure to expand health insurance for millions of Americans is considered Obama's signature domestic policy achievement.

A rejection by the court would be a big blow to Obama going into the November 6 presidential election.

Republican presidential candidates, who are vying to take on Obama in November elections, have promised to repeal the law if one of them wins the White House.

Obama's advisers say they have not prepared contingency plans if the measure fails. But the president -- who expressed confidence that the court would uphold the law -- made clear how he would address it on the campaign trail if the court strikes it down.


Blogger Reaganite Republican said...

Sounds like somebody's worried

But SCOTUS is just enforcing the Constitutional law of the land as laid down by the Founding Fathers

All of this exists primarily to protect the country from power-drunk radicals like yourself, Barry- no wonder you're so bummed out

1:00 AM  

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