Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Politically Correct Ethnic Cleansing

Sudan is extirpating its Christian population. And apparently, that's okay with the Western world.
The government of the predominantly Muslim nation of Sudan has stripped its 500,000 to 700,000 Christians of citizenship and has put them on notice that they have one week to leave the country.  Even sub-Jim Crow dhimmi status is to be denied them.

According to an ENI report, the government of Sudan has declared that all whose "parents, grandparents or great grandparents [were] born in the South Sudan or [who] belong to any southern ethnic group" are no longer citizens of Sudan and must leave by April 8...or else...

...The ethnic cleansing of over half a million Christians is only a first step.
 What's notable about this is the hideous silence.  There's little or nothing being reported in the media on this.  For all the noise about the new Responsibility to Protect Doctrine that was evoked on Libya, the United Nations has nothing to say about what's happening in the Sudan, even though it violates the organization's own charter.

No one is talking about a no-fly zone to protect black Christians under air attack in South Sudan by the Bashir regime, even though our huge air base in Djibouti is within flying distance.  The infamously misnamed U.N. Human Rights Commission is preoccupied with Israel to the point of derangement, and the Muslim countries running it will see to it that it stays that way.

And President Obama is utterly silent.  No speeches, no talk of sanctions or aid to the Sudan's Christians, not even any outrage expressed...not a word.


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