Monday, April 23, 2012

Washington Post Liar Resigns

But wasn't fired. Instead, she resigned - more than four months later.
She did a roundup on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney allegedly using an old Ku Klux Klan slogan in his stump speech — a story that went viral online yet was untrue — and she didn’t call the Romney campaign for comment, nor did any editor make sure she did.
It's difficult to reconcile the Post's admission that one of its reporters lied and the Post's insistence that it is not a left wing propaganda rag. This is particularly troublesome when we are repeatedly told that what distinguishes the mainstream news media from the new media are the layers of editors and fact checkers who guarantee that bullshit like this doesn't get out with the MSM's imprimatur on it.
This posting contains multiple, serious factual errors that undermine its premise. Mitt Romney is not using “Keep America American,” which was once a KKK slogan, as a catchphrase in stump speeches, as the posting and headline stated. In a YouTube video that the posting said showed Romney using the phrase, Romney actually used a different phrase, “Keep America America.” Further, the video that the blog posting labelled “Mitt Romney 2012 Campaign Ad” is not actually a Romney campaign ad. The video itself states “Mitt Romney does not actually support this ad.” The posting cited accounts of Romney saying “keep America American” at an appearance last week. Independent video from the event shows him saying “Keep America America.” The Post should have contacted the Romney campaign for comment before publication. Finally, we apologize that the posting began by saying “[s]omeone didn’t do his research” when, in fact, we had not done ours.


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