Thursday, April 12, 2012

Will Putin Donate To Democrats?

Bill Clinton's Indonesian friends illegally funneled money into Democrat coffers and in exchange, Clinton placed a huge proportion of the world's low sulfur "supercompliance coal" off limits when he declared Utah's Grand Staircase Escalante a national monument. 

This was big for Indonesia because that country pretty much had a monopoly on the world's market for coal of that quality. So this was a big win for Indonesia's "Lippo Group," who steered millions of dollars Clinton's way over the years.

So now, it's Russian president Vladimir Putin who fears US energy production. Will Obama find a way to block shale oil extraction if Putin give him enough cash?
US shale gas production may "seriously" restructure supply and demand in the global hydrocarbons market, Putin said yesterday (11 April) in his final address to the Russian Duma before he takes over as president on 7 May.

"Our country's energy companies absolutely have to be ready right now to meet this challenge," he said.
Putin said Russia must be prepared for "any external shocks" and "a new wave of technological change" that was "changing the configuration of global markets".

"I fully agree with the proposal of deputies that we need to create a better system for long-term macroeconomic, financial, technological and defence forecasting. This is especially important, given that the 21st century promises to be an epoch [of] new geopolitical, financial, economic, cultural and civilisation centres," he told Russia's lower house.
Nothing serves the treasuries of the world's oil despots more than environmentalism.


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