Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama's Connections To Hate

Any association with white supremacists is condemned. Associations with black supremacists are forgiven.
The Nation of Islam, one of the country’s oldest hate groups, has an ugly fratricidal history. Along with its violent attacks on those outside its circle of race and religion, fueled by a belief that white people are subhumans created by a black mad scientist, it has carried on an equally violent campaign against its own. The list of Nation of Islam dissidents murdered or assaulted by their own people stretches back nearly eighty years. Despite the call to racial solidarity, there is little unity even within the ranks of the Nation of Islam, whose management often resembles that of a gang, rather than a religious group.

The difference between the Nation of Islam and most hate groups is that NOI members and groups can receive government contracts and plum posts from the Democratic Party. Munir Muhammad, who has spent the last nine years sitting on the Illinois Human Rights Commission, with a nearly fifty thousand dollar salary, is proof of the problem. How does the business manager for a hate group get appointed by two Illinois governors to a human rights commission? It’s surprisingly easy. It’s just a matter of knowing the right people.
People such as Barack Hussein Obama.


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