Friday, May 11, 2012

Obama Campaign Exploiting Sweatshop Labor

Seems to me that this should be a story. Maybe even a scandal. It's certainly a bigger issue that the yesterday's earth shattering news that Mitt Romney behaved like a teenager way back when he was in high school.
If I didn’t know better, this sure sounds like bullying to me. And we know how concerned the left is with bullying these days.
A $95 sweatshirt currently being sold in President Obama’s campaign store is the work of Alexander Wang, a designer who’s facing a class action suit in federal court for allegedly running a sweatshop where garment workers were forced to work 100 hour weeks in a factory with conditions “comparable to those of third world countries” while being subjected to racial discrimination, verbal abuse and threats. C.K. Lee, the lead attorney representating (sic) the workers who are suing Mr. Wang told The Politicker he thinks the presence of the sweatshirt is “inappropriate.”
“Hopefully, the campaign would be more educated on the background of Alexander Wang and his sweatshop facilites (sic) and the abuse of worker’s rights,” Mr. Lee said. “I wish Obama would be more–or at least his campaign would be more in tune with what’s going on.”
Is he for real? Obama wants everything done on the cheap. More money for him that way.
Besides, is he really at all in touch with anything?
In addition to the brutal conditions at Mr. Wang’s factory, the lawsuit also claims workers faced ”intentional affliction of emotional distress” including being ”regularly called ‘lazy,’ ‘stupid’” and other names and being subjected to “disparaging references” to their “national origins.” Workers were also allegedly told that  ”if anyone complained they would be summarily terminated” leading to constant “fear of retribution and retaliation.” The complaint also accuses Mr. Wang, who is of Taiwanese descent, of multiple counts of racial discrimination for because their managers were allegedly all white while “all garment workers are exclusively Asian or Latino immigrants … because such minorities are easily controlled and fearful of losing their jobs.”
So let’s see. Racial harassment, bullying, fear of retaliation. Can you imagine the mileage the left would get if a company connected in any way to Mitt Romney was exposed like this?


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