Saturday, May 05, 2012

Obama's Campaign Of Distractions

The secret to success for the professional magician is misdirection. His goal is to distract the audience’s attention with one hand, while the other hand plays the tricks. What we have going on right now is a political campaign founded on a monumental effort at audience distraction. And it will take an act of magic for Barack Obama to win another four years. So he and the Democrat-media complex are doing all they can to take your eye off what really matters to you.

According to a Gallup tracking poll, two-thirds of Americans identify the nation’s economic difficulties as the most important issue in the upcoming general election. Subdividing that category, 32% of Americans rank the poor condition of the economy in general as their greatest concern, while 25% identify unemployment as their greatest worry. Next on the list at 11% is the federal budget deficit and 8% are most worried about fuel costs.

None of these are winning issues for the Democrats. In fact, much of the blame for all four can be placed squarely at the White House doorstep. A huge proportion of what pitiful job growth we’ve been seeing lately is coming in those sectors of the economy that the Democrats are engaged in open warfare with, such as oil exploration and hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.

One of Obama’s high ranking EPA administrators compared his agency’s preferred treatment of oil companies to Roman “crucifixion.”

Only 2% of the American electorate sees the gap between rich and poor as a significant cause for concern. And the interest rates on student loan debt doesn’t show up at all. But that’s what the Democrat-media complex wants you to be concerned with. They want to distract your focus and get you to pay attention to what they care about so that the country can continue on its track toward the economic hell in a hand basket.

So, what have the Democrat-media complex tried to use to draw away America’s attention? Well, starting last autumn, the complex tried to convince us that the divide between the 1% and 99% was the big issue.

The entire Democratic Party leadership embraced Occupy Wall Street mobs and all of its metastatic manifestations that sprang up around the country. The Democrats ultimately discovered that a movement founded on the concept of wealth redistribution and permanent dependency did not resonate with the great mass of Americans. And once the Occupy mobs thoroughly degenerated into flea-infested, drug abusing, sex assaulting, public defecating savagery, not even the Democrats wanted to be associated with them.

And once fake issue number one fizzled, the complex, starting with ABC News, went to plan B and cooked up the imaginary war on women. The war on women of course is just another term such as “women’s health.” And both are nothing more than euphemisms for that which must not be named – abortion. When surveyed about non-economic issues, 1% percent of Americans are concerned with abortion.

Strike two.

And then came Obama’s demand that Congress extend the government subsidized interest rates on student loan debt. This was warmly accepted on college campuses around the country. Obama has made well over 100 campaign visits to college campuses, all on the taxpayer’s dime, trying to get the girls to faint again. But the irony is that the audiences to whom he has been making this speech already have subsidized loans and will be the people who will be forced to pay for the loan subsidies given to future college students. That is, they will be if they ever find jobs.

It would make more sense to reign in the cost of a college education so that the loan principle weren’t so exorbitant. It would also help the cause of paying off student loans if college graduates could find good jobs and if they didn’t have to pay so much for food and fuel. Those two items have risen so fast lately that they’re no longer included in the Consumer Price Index. If they were, inflation would be running at about 10%.

Obama has learned that creating jobs isn’t as easy as he had imagined. And the only jobs that he seems interested in, the shovel ready variety, aren’t of the sort that people attend college to prepare themselves for.

Has Obama mentioned lately that he got Osama bin Laden?


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