Monday, May 28, 2012

What Qualifies As Sin In The Democratic Party?

We know that it's not soliciting blowjobs from White House interns. Nor are Democrats troubled by smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels. Trading get-out-of-jail cards for campaign contributions is cool too. 

No, if you really want to piss off Democrats, defend capitalism.

“I want you to just hold by while we watch the president now do this very intricate response to what the mayor of Newark said yesterday, which I think was an act of sabotage,” Matthews said. “Whatever the intention was, he was trashing the entire Obama campaign of the summer in one appearance on ‘Meet the Press.’ Let’s watch the president today trying to defend himself against what looked like — something like a betrayal.”

On Sunday, Booker criticized the right for attacking President Barack Obama for his association with the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and the left for attacking private equity, including Bain Capital.
Later in Monday’s segment, Matthews deemed Booker’s remarks to be trashing the entire campaign.

“On comes Cory Booker — supposedly a surrogate for President Obama — comes on the show listed as a surrogate, points out he’s got surrogate notes in his hand, said he’s been working as a surrogate and then trashes the entire campaign by saying, ‘There’s really nothing wrong with private capital, nothing wrong with Bain Capital. I fire people. He fires people. So what? This is all good for American capitalism.’ It was an incredible 180 on everything the president stands for in this campaign.”


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