Tuesday, May 22, 2012

White House Had A Hand In Writing Bin Laden Movie

Doesn't that make this stupid movie an in-kind campaign contribution?
Top White House officials worked closely with producers of a movie about the successful killing of Osama bin Laden and pushed them to incorporate the administration’s talking points, according to administration documents unveiled by Judicial Watch.

“I took your guidance and spoke to the WH and had a good meeting with [John] Brennan and [Denis] McDonough and I plan to follow up with them; and they were forward leaning and interested in sharing their point of view,” screenwriter Mark Boal wrote in a July 2011 transcript of a Pentagon meeting.
Brennan is President Barack Obama’s chief counter-terrorism adviser and Denis McDonough is Obama’s deputy national security adviser.

Boal is working on a movie about the raid with director Kathryn Bigelow, who directed the successful “Hurt Locker” movie about bomb-disposal experts in the Iraq War. The new movie is provisionally titled, “Zero Dark Thirty.”

The filmmakers “are basically using the WH-approved talking points we used the night of the operation,” according to a June 2011 e-mail Under-Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Michael Vickers sent to the Pentagon’s PR chief, Douglas Wilson.

Those talking points described the raid as a “gutsy decision” and played up the president’s role.
Somehow, I doubt that the movie will even mention Obama's year of dithering or his "the buck stops way over there letter."


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