Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wisconsin Primary Does Not Bode Well For Democrats

They've chosen their champion. But the Democratic field barely attracted more votes in a competitive primary than incumbent Republican Scott Walker won in a non-competitive primary.
Walker won his own race, crushing the liberal spoiler candidate Arthur Kohl-Riggs, who ran as a Republican. Speaking to a crowd of fired-up supporters at the GOP office in Waukesha, Walker called on voters to reject the recall and give him the rest of his four-year term.

"Do we want to go back to the days when a handful of special interests controlled our state and local governments? No. Instead, we put in place reforms that rightfully put the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin in charge. We're not going backwards. We're going forward," Walker said.

The Democrats barely drew more votes Tuesday than Walker, in spite of the fact that their party had a competitive primary and Walker did not.

With 95% of the vote counted, Walker had nearly as many votes as all the Democrats combined in their primary.


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