Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Democrats Want Boxing Under Federal Control?

Never let a crisis go to waste - not even a disputed boxing decision. Yeah, that's just what we need, the same government that tries to pick winners and losers in the market place doing the same thing for boxing that it does for the economy.
Via Mediaite, it’s big news when the U.S. Senate majority leader says he thinks a major fight was fixed and that Congress should spring into action to solve the problem. Or at least, it would be: As you’ll see, he’s actually not saying that he thinks it was fixed. On the contrary, he thinks the outcome was the result of poor judging, not fraud. In which case … why the hell is he using this as an excuse to promote some sort of new federal boxing statute? It’s Rahm Emanuel’s infamous line about not letting a crisis go to waste, but without any actual crisis. Essentially he’s arguing that the perception of a crisis is enough of a pretext to justify a federal power grab. How’s that to make you feel warm and fuzzy about big government this evening? For three years he’s refused to pass a budget, but show him a boxing scorecard that’s in dispute and suddenly he’s ready to haul ass. This, I guess, is the “future” that Carville’s firm has in mind.

Doesn’t Nevada already have regulatory bodies to deal with this, incidentally? The state AG is also reportedly weighing a request to investigate the fight. Makes me wonder if Reid is serious about a federal boxing law or if he was just yammering because someone happened to ask him a question about his good pal Manny.


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