Saturday, June 09, 2012

Does Nancy Pelosi ALWAYS Have To Be A Jerk?

Everyone in the chamber is in the middle of singing your praises, including the leader of the other party, and you have to take a moment out to get in a shot about how “wrong” he is about not wanting to jack up everyone’s taxes? For an occasion such as this you might think that simply thanking your family and all of your constituents for their many years of support would suffice. Or, if you wanted to get in a good natured shot at the opposition, something along the lines of, “Watch out because I’ll be looking to take that gavel back this November” would do. Everyone would have laughed and nobody would have criticized you for it. (In fact, she did include a comment about it “not being fun” to give the gavel back to Boehner after that, but she could easily have left it there.)

She also apparently didn’t think the list of credits tacked on to her name were sufficient, since after she had been referred to as the “first woman Speaker of the House” she jumped in to add, “First Italian-American Speaker of the House, first Maryland Speaker of the House, first California Speaker of the House… many firsts.”

OK. We get the point. You’re a legend.

My dad used to be fond of using a phrase from his days in the Army which referenced people who were so messed up that they could, “*** up a soup sandwich.” I still don’t really know what that means, but today I think it really applies to Pelosi.


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