Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ed Schultz Cements His Asshole Status

Conservatism's victory in Wisconsin last night portends "damn scary stuff."

And what might that be? More fiscal responsibility?
Early in the 11:00 p.m. hour, Schultz observed:

This is a big victory for the conservative movement, not only in Wisconsin but in America. We can't deny that. And they've got the money on their side. And the people that are behind Walker outside of the state, they don't ever want to see a Democratic President again. I mean, their mission is to get a supermajority in the Senate, keep the majority in the House, win the White House and change this country to their ideology no matter what any poll says. And so, what is the message to Americans tonight if this is a template on how the rest of the country is gonna go. I believe it's some pretty damn scary stuff.

He later posed to the Reverend Jackson as he wondered what conservatives will do in the future:

There's a big effort in this country by the conservatives to destroy and defund public education. This, of course, is hurting the minority communities. State budgets are being chipped away at. In this state of Wisconsin, they took a billion dollars out of public education. What does this mean? Because there's a lot of Republicans who are saying that they're gonna model what Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin, and that they're gonna do this and move forward with this radical agenda to knock out public education in America. What does this mean? Is this a bellwether night?
 What a moron! What's really scary is that there are morons who tune in to listen to and believe this kind of idiocy.


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