Monday, June 18, 2012

Nine Lies

Actually, one of the most Obama friendly reporters in the MSM counts 38, but here are nine central lies.
BS # 1: Hussein Onyango, Barack's grandfather, wasn't really imprisoned and tortured by the British.

Small point, right?

BS # 2: The father of his Indonesian stepfather, Soewarno Martodihardjo, wasn't killed by Dutch soldiers in the fight for independence.

Nothing like a little fake heroism. What the hell else was the Democrats' 2004 presidential candidate about but fake heroism?

BS # 3: Regina, a friend at Occidental who Obama writes about as a symbol of the authentic African-American experience turns out to be based on Carolina Boss, who is white. Regina was the name of her Swiss grandmother.

So, a black girl in Obama's fairy tale turns out to be white? And Swedish at that? But who cares about race? Oh yeah! This is all about race.

BS # 4: Obama projected a racial incident onto his New York girlfriend that he later told Maraniss had happened in Chicago.

So, if he made up the part about where it happened, maybe he made up the whole incident.

BS # 5: Obama wrote that he broke up with his New York girlfriend in part because she was white. But his next girlfriend, an anthropologist in Chicago, was also white.

So, Obama makes up a story because he wants to be considered a racist? What audience was he trying to reach with that?

BS # 6: Obama cuts out two white college roommates entirely.

From what I've heard about Obama's college room mates, he might have edited them out of the narrative as a kindness.

BS # 7: Obama wrote about his high school friends as an alienated, ne'er-do-well "club of disaffection." In fact, most members of the "Choom Gang" were "decent students and athletes" who went on to successful careers.

I guess Obama wanted us to believe that only he possessed to native talent to rise above his misspent youth.

BS # 8: Obama's mother left his father, not the other way around.

A nice way to make everybody look bad.

BS # 9: In his memoir, Obama mentions he missed out on playing time in high school basketball because he coach preferred players who "play like white boys do." In fact, Obama had to work hard just to make the team, and race had nothing to do with it.

After having seen Obama throw a baseball and bowl, I never did believe that the was the super duper athlete he claimed to be. I once played catch with a Bolivian woman who threw a baseball far better than Barack Hussein Obama-Kardashian on her first try.


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