Monday, June 25, 2012

Obama's Arab Spring

He was taking credit for this a year ago, so he owns it.
Here in the West, we advance and defend women’s rights while Islamists have a special police agency given the responsibility of whipping and arresting women who wear skirts that are too short or Islamic garbs that don’t cover enough skin elsewhere. Here, mothers drive their children to school but in some Islamist countries, women are not even allowed to drive. Here, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Wicca practitioners, etc., all carry their religious books as they see fit. In Islamist countries, you can be punished simply for having a Bible, killed for being a Christian, and churches aren’t even allowed to be constructed (just look at the number of churches being torn down now that the Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power in the Middle East).

Here, Israel is an alley. But in Egypt, they’ve recently voiced their hope not only to send a “million martyrs” to Israel but to take Jerusalem and make it their capital.

Yet as Obama stood in Cairo, consumed with the thought of self-aggrandizement, he took so many supposed commonalities for granted, and talked about how no country (i.e., America) has the right to lord over another and how the war in Iraq had been “a war of choice” that demonstrated the poor diplomacy skills of the U.S. (read George W. Bush).


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