Saturday, June 09, 2012

Obama's Skyrocket Plan Working

Obama told that, under his plan, electricity rates would "necessarily skyrocket." He's on track.
The Administration hates fossil fuels.  The President and his advisors make this clear with words as well as policies that elevate economically unfeasible “green” energy while blocking production of cheap, available oil, gas and coal.  In 2008, candidate Obama cheerfully claimed under his cap-and-trade plan “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”  Energy Secretary Steven Chu – then a UC Berkeley professor – noted that same year his desire to “boost the price of (U.S.) gasoline to levels in Europe.”  Today, that price is above $10 per gallon.

Politicians trying to retain support from narrow special interests risk alienating the greater majority of voters.  Such is the case with Obama’s “all of the above” energy position -- really a “none of the below” anti-consumer shell game.

Americans know the main energy sources for cars, homes and businesses are below ground.  Thirty-seven percent comes from petroleum, 25 from natural gas and 21 percent from coal.  Nearly half America’s electricity is coal-generated versus 3.5 percent from wind and solar.  Voters are aware the average price of gasoline has risen $2.10 a gallon since Obama took office.

Despite these realities, the President has made eliminating oil and coal use top priorities.


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