Friday, June 22, 2012

Selective Memory

It's a big deal when a few people in the Romney campaign spent less than $400 dollars at an Arizona nightclub. It was no story at all when Obamatons blew $33,000 at an LA nightclub in 2008.
News outlets are making hay out of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign spending $385.24 at a popular Arizona nightclub that includes a “specialty champagne bar in the co-ed bathroom.”

But last year, President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign spent much more money at a trendy Hollywood club known for throwing parties like its annual Playmates Of Hollywood Lingerie Fashion Show.

The Obama Victory Fund spent $33,424 last November at “Boulevard3,” a hot club on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, for “catering/facilities,” according to Federal Election Commission records.

When not being used to help re-elect Obama, “Boulevard3” hosts parties like “Cancun In June,” where dancers in bikinis are sprayed with water on stage. It has also hosted hot tub parties featuring models.

Rappers like Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown have also hung out at “Boulevard3.”


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