Thursday, June 07, 2012

Strains Emerge Between Obama And Union Goons

Obama stayed so far away from the Wisconsin elections that the didn't even bother mailing in his encouragement to Scott Walker's opponent. He tweeted it. The union goons noticed.
If anything, just knowing the President had their (the unions')back and was in the trenches fighting for them as hard as they fought for him, would've at least bolstered the morale of union members. Instead, he very publicly and cynically abandoned them.
What should be especially galling to public union members is that over this last crucial weekend, Obama was but a two-hour drive away from Wisconsin as he gorged on a record fundraising binge with the Top 1%. But the President. couldn’t be bothered to make even a single stop. Rather than risk even temporary political capital, Obama assumed his favorite position, looked out for himself, and left his union supporters swinging in the wind.  But…
If the era of the public union is over,  he no longer needs them.


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