Friday, June 15, 2012

US Conquers The World

Ever since the end of World War 2, America has controlled the world using three tools-manipulations, sex and money.  These three factors have been responsible for the continual dominance of the American society above other societies across the world.

Interview between Chamakhe Maurieni, Moroccan-born writer and researcher*, and Lisa Karpova, PRAVDA.Ru

Pravda.Ru: Chamakhe, your latest research has been on how the USA uses and manipulates sex towards its own ends

CM: I have come across articles, TV interviews, radio interviews, Internet videos and documentaries which talk about a banking order, a so-called Illuminati and other funny suggestions as being responsible for America's dominance of the world.  All of these are false.

Rather this should be twisted to say a growing new world order, banking systems being enforced by the American government on the global world is an effect of the American government's use of manipulations, sex and money to control the world.

An over-hyped NWO, non-existent Illuminati nonsense, does not control the world.  What does?  Manipulations, sex and money.  Let's take these three factors one after another.


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