Monday, June 18, 2012

Was The Wintour-Parker-Kardashian Fundraiser Worth It?

It turns out that not too many Obama loving celebrities were interested in keeping company with common folks like you. Was it worth the bad publicity?
Unless celebrities were invisible or shipped in from the roof through a chimney, the Obama fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker's house last night was not so star-studded. From every report filed, the main star who attended was Meryl Streep. Unless, she's suddenly changed her entire past practice of political donorship, it's unlikely that Streep donated $40,000 to anything. Aretha Franklin stopped in for a few minutes, and then headed off to the Songwriters Hall of Fame dinner uptown. That left a few fashion people, and a sighting of Olivia Wilde, an up and coming actress who's given some money to Democratic causes but nothing in that ballpark.


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