Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Does Five Guys Make The Best Burger On The Planet?

No. I do. But I do agree that Five Guys sells the best chain burger on the planet.
Let me note for the record that both In-N-Out and Five Guys offer exceptionally great burgers and both deserve their cult status.  Having tasted both, I understand the fierce loyalty that both inspire. In-N-Out is a fine homestyle burger that can be augmented with sauces and veggies and stacked a zillion ways to make it your burger. Five Guys can bring the heat or whatever taste suits you. In-N-Out is the cleaner burger and its wrap makes it the obvious choice if you’re eating on the go. But Five Guys brings a burger that is juicy to the extreme, so much so that you need half a dozen napkins at hand just to keep yourself clean as you bite through it. I prefer the juicier approach, so for me, the east coast approach is the way to go and Five Guys wins on taste. It’s burger is simply juicer and tastier than In-N-Out.

That’s two points for each, with a draw in the middle, right? Should that be a tie? Not so fast. Overall taste is the king, so let it be entered into the record that Five Guys still delivers the best burger on the planet.


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