Thursday, July 05, 2012

Elton John - Cold Warrior

Poland will be honoring Elton John for his contribution to the fight against communism. This man possesses depth that modern pop stars don't even suspect exists.
Sir Elton, who travelled to the country for a concert in 1984, will be presented with his award on Sunday in the seaside resort of Sopot, Poland, it has been reported. 
The songwriter is due to perform in the country this weekend as part of his latest tour. 
He will be presented with the medal by former president and trade union leader Lech Walesa, whom he visited in 1984. 
The singer is believed to have shared a “morale-boosting” bottle of champagne in Mr Walesa’s flat, with Sir Elton opening praising his union Solidarity during a show. 
Magdalena Charkin-Jaszcza, of the European Solidarity Centre (ESC) in Gdansk, told a newspaper Sir Elton gave Polish people help in a difficult time.


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