Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Eric Holder's Delusions

After the House of Representatives voted to find Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, the lunatic Nancy Pelosi claimed that it was all part of a conspiracy to suppress Democrat votes in November. The news media tried to find another Democrat who agreed with this paranoid delusion and failed. 

Well, the Washington Post has finally managed to flush one out. His name is Eric Holder.  
“I’ve become a symbol of what they don’t like about the positions this Justice Department has taken,” he said. “I am also a proxy for the president in an election year. You have to be exceedingly naive to think that vote was about . . . documents.”

The House voted Thursday to make Holder the first sitting attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt, after he withheld certain documents that lawmakers have demanded as part of their investigation of Fast and Furious.

As part of the gun operation, run by the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, federal agents watched as more than 2,000 guns hit the streets; their goal was to trace them to a Mexican drug cartel. Two guns linked to the operation were later found at the scene where a Border Patrol agent was killed.

The Justice Department has provided Issa’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee with 7,600 documents on Fast and Furious. Republicans, however, have pressed for more records about the department’s internal deliberations, saying they want to determine who knew about the operation and when. They have also questioned why Obama invoked executive privilege to keep the documents from them.
By the way, Holder (and the media) keep chanting 7600 documents as thought that's a big number. That's miniscule number in a bureaucracy as enormous as the US Department of Justice. And there is no reason to believe that Holder surrendered those documents for any reason other than because the gave him protection.


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