Monday, July 02, 2012

Keith Anderson's Body Found

Those of you who follow the Deadliest Catch television show on The Discovery Channel know that Northwestern deck hand Jake Anderson's father has been missing for a couple of years. 

The search is now over. But not the questions.
The family of Dr. Keith Anderson would like to express our thanks to the community for the many prayers, support, donations and time taken in search efforts to bring Keith home to us. No words could ever express how truly grateful we are for all you have done and the love shared between all who knew Keith.

  We were notified by authorities that the remains belonging to Keith were located and our search for him no longer goes on.

  The search reward fund was turned into a scholarship fund in Dr. Anderson's name. Numerous scholarships over his tenure were presented by Keith as a "bootstrap award" and the family will continue this legacy which was close to his heart.


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