Thursday, July 19, 2012

Occupy - The Plot

For the few of you who still believe that the Occupy Wall Street movement was spontaneous, this film is intended to disabuse you of that notion.
“It’s an inconvenient truth,” Darby concluded. “The average liberal is being used to protect, fund and cover for radicals.”

Bannon said that the details of violence and vulgarity in the film are supposed to be upsetting. “I wanted to show the truth of the movement. It feels like watching the French Revolution and the mob. These are the new ‘brownshirts.’”

In showings so far, Bannon said “middle-class audiences are shocked. The film is rated ‘R’ for violence and vulgarity. Regular people didn’t see any of this footage of this level of violence. It makes people go ‘wow, I thought it was just college kids dancing.’”

“Occupy Unmasked” is a movie that “exposes ties between the radical left and the supposedly more moderate counterpart,” said Darby.

“We are finally getting to a point where [Andrew] Breitbart and others realized the importance of what’s going on, and we are no longer ignoring the far left.”


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