Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Politico Bemoans The Limits Of Truth

Truth is too limiting for a politician like Barack Hussein Obama-Kardashian.
Politico's Alexander Burns (you remember him):
The whole FactCheck.org/Politifact/Glenn Kessler approach to covering the campaign has its uses, but one of the limitations is that it often blurs the difference between standard-issue political rhetoric and brazen, obvious distortion of the facts. Right now, the Obama campaign is casting undisputed facts of Romney’s records (Bain assets created jobs overseas and also cut jobs in the U.S.) in a very negative light (it created foreign jobs at the cost of the U.S. economy.) Romney’s response so far has been to try and discredit the whole line of attack as false and “vicious,” without really getting into the weeds of what it means to lead a major financial firm with a complex  web of foreign entanglements.
Oh, look, suddenly the media is "finding limitations" in "the whole FactCheck.org/Politifact/Glenn Kessler approach."
Well, isn't the timing of that attitude handy.


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