Friday, August 10, 2012

It Is Possible For Obama To Tell The Truth

When he's backed into a corner and the truth is the only way out.
The admission is damaging, partly because it might constrict fund-raising by Burton’ super PAC, and partly because it promotes skepticism by the public — and even the establishment media — about the president’s campaign-trail claims.

The Romney campaign and the Republican National Committee gleefully touted the turnabout.

“The Obama campaign has now admitted that it lied to the media and the American people in a disgraceful attempt to conceal their connection to this shameful [cancer-death] smear,” said a statement from Ryan Williams, a Romney spokesman.

“Americans deserve better — they deserve a president who’s willing to run an honest campaign and be honest about his own record,” he said.

The RNC also put the boot in.

“Jen Psaki is now admitting the campaign DID have knowledge of the Soptic family’s cancer story despite telling reporters yesterday the campaign didn’t,” said a Aug. 9 statement from RNC spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski.

“Yet Team Obama still won’t condemn Priorities USA for trying to smear Romney by tying him to a woman’s death,” she said.

Joe Pounder, the RNCs research chief, also used the backtrack to portray Obama as deceptive.
In an Aug. 9 stump speech, “Barack Obama decried Republican Super PACs but again refused to speak out against the widely condemned ad from his own Super PAC,” Pounder said in a statement.

“We guess Barack Obama is only offended by outside ads if they are from Republican groups and isn’t willing to stand up to Bill Burton and his liberal friends,” Pounder said.


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