Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Lying And Distortion

“Someone needs to send a copy of SPJ’s Code of Ethics to the news staff of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC),” Caruba wrote in a blog posting.

In particular, Caruba highlighted ABC’s reporting on “pink slime,” which he notes has caused hundreds of job losses and potentially destroyed a business in the meat industry.  

ABC reporter Jim Avila did a series of reports about “pink slime” and ABC, according to Caruba, used the term 52 times in a two-week period in March even though “any reporter investigating BPI would have swiftly found a mountain of evidence exonerating the company from any hint of the allegations made against it.” 

In an April Bloomberg Business Week article, reporters Bryan Gruley and Elizabeth Campbell concluded BPI had been “slimed” by the mainstream media and noted BPI’s meats had been purchased by by McDonald’s, Wal-Mart Stores, Burger King, Kroger, Taco Bell. So, essentially, anyone who had eaten at any of these places during the last twenty years consumed the meat that was suddenly put in question.


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