Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Sandusky Democrats

In a stunning example of truth stranger than fiction, Democrats in the California Assembly killed a bill that would have made it easier to fire teachers accused of serious sexual offenses against children. 

The bill SB 1530, had bipartisan support in the Senate, where it passed 33-4, but in a display of strength by the California Teachers Association, six Democrats on the Education Committee either voted against it (Tom Ammiano and Joan Buchanan) or didn’t vote (Betsy Butler, Wilmer Carter, Mike Eng and Das Williams).

The bill followed shocking incidents of sexual abuse in the Los Angeles Unified School District and elsewhere, the worst of which involved Mark Berndt, 61, who’s been accused of 23 acts of lewd acts against children at Miramonte Elementary in the LAUSD.

Under current law, it’s almost impossible to fire teachers facing even the worst of charges.

The bill was narrowly crafted to focus only on cases in which school employees are accused of sex, violence or drug use with children.


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