Thursday, September 13, 2012

Chicago Education Stinks

And the teachers want to be paid more - a lot more to keep stinking. How incompetent are Chicago's teachers? This bad.
You’ll hear a lot of numbers bandied around in the coming days regarding the Chicago Teachers Union strike – average salary, anticipated size of the district’s deficit, level of state financial support.

But the number I find most disturbing is: 19.

That’s what the average Chicago Public School teacher scored on the ACT test if they took it when attending high school, according to a 2008 Southern Illinois University study.

Despite all of the bright teachers, there are enough who scored so badly on the ACT that they dragged the average down to 19 out of a possible score of 36.

To put that number in perspective, today every high school junior in the state – whether they are going to college or not – is required to take the test. This year their average test score was just shy of 21.

Even though Chicago is drawing its teachers from a below-average talent pool, it is paying them handsomely.

According to the Chicago Teachers Union's own figures, an average teacher earns a salary of $71,000. The school district pegs the number a bit higher at $76,000 without benefits.

But regardless of which number you believe, it is worth noting that, according to the U.S. Census, the average Chicagoan with a bachelor’s degree earns $48,866.
With schools that crappy, it's hardly surprising that 46% of public school teachers with children, send their kids to public schools.


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