Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama Is For The First Amendment

After he wasn't so sure.
“We believe in the First Amendment,” Obama told CBS’s Steve Kroft during an interview arranged days earlier.

“It is one of the hallmarks of our Constitution that I’m sworn to uphold, and so we are always going to uphold the rights for individuals to speak their mind,” he said, according to a transcript narrated by White House spokesman Jay Carney.

The transcript was released several hours after Obama had a Rose garden statement to condemn criticism of Islam.

Carney read the transcript during an impromptu press conference aboard Air Force One as it carried Obama to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.
Oh! And maybe that Arab Spring thing isn't so wonderful after all.
In another concession to critics of his outreach to Islamist groups, Obama also backed away from Egypt’s Islamist government, which he has supported throughout 2012.


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