Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The French Show The Way

We all need to do this. If Muslim threats create more blasphemers than they frighten away, then they lose their power.
A French satirical magazine is set to publish several cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed on Wednesday, a move that is likely to inflame the Islamic faithful and militants who have already rioted in more than 20 countries over a movie mocking the prophet.

Depictions of the prophet are strictly prohibited and considered blasphemous by Muslims. Cartoons of Muhammad published in Denmark in 2005 and then reproduced in newspapers across Europe triggered riots throughout the Mideast and Africa. Churches and embassies were torched and at least 100 people died in the outbreaks and police crackdowns.

The magazine “Charlie Hebdo” has confirmed that it will publish the cartoons, but has not revealed what they will depict. French newspaper “Le Monde” reports that some of the cartoons show the prophet in “particularly explicit poses,” without providing any further detail.
And instead of calling Mohammed "the prophet," we need to start referring to him as some guy whom the Muslim consider a prophet. 

Meanwhile, the French government is behaving in a more characteristically French manner. Instead of hunkering down in fear, I think we should arm embassies with bacon grease powered flame throwers.


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