Sunday, October 14, 2012

Obama Gave Us Permission To Send Him Home

At last, Barack Hussein Obama has given Americans something that they can be thankful for. He has given them permission to vote against him.

At the presidential debate in Denver, Mitt Romney exposed Barack Obama as the shallow fraud that he is. Deprived of his teleprompter and forced to rely on his own wits, Obama showed seventy million Americans that there was nothing behind the façade and the Greek columns.

Liberals have trotted out a parade of excuses to explain the performance. Al Gore blamed Denver’s mile high altitude. Barack Obama was suffering from oxygen deprivation. Surely global warming played a role too.

I’m pretty sure that Romney was breathing the same air. The two men were only standing a few feet apart and the stage appeared level.

Obama’s minions blamed Senator John Kerry for Obama’s poor performance. Kerry hopes to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State in Obama’s second term and was fearful of jeopardizing his prospects by pressing Obama too hard in practices.

Obama himself blames his own wonderfulness for the defeat. He’s too polite to deal with a monosyllabic knuckle dragging rube like Romney.

Barack Hussein Obama, we are told, actually thought that he had won the debate handily and required quite a bit of convincing from his campaign staff to drag him back into reality. It was probably their first experience contradicting Obama. And that’s part of the reason why he was so helpless when confronted with dissent.

Obama has shown that he is fully capable of disparaging and insulting Mitt Romney from afar. But when he had to look the man in the eye, he had nothing. Bullies are like that.

Obama has previously revealed his Chicago bully style by publicly insulting the Supreme Court on national television when they had had no opportunity to respond. He pulled a similar stunt with Congressman Paul Ryan. After inviting Paul Ryan to a speech at which he promised that he would address the House Republicans’ 2011 budget that Ryan authored, he abused his monopoly of the only microphone in the room to sling slurs at Ryan.

In truth, the only times that Obama has ever looked good in a debate was when he took on Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary debates. Bullies find it much easier to stand up to girls.

Since the debate, Obama’s poll numbers have crashed. He is now trailing almost everywhere. Even the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling, in a poll commissioned by the far left Daily Kos and the Service Employees International Union, showed Obama behind.

This crash reminds me of something similar that happened 32 years ago.

The United States was in the latter stages of a presidential campaign. The incumbent, Jimmy Carter, was the most inept incumbent in generations. He had steered the US economy into a hole far deeper than the one that Obama inherited. America’s international prestige was in decline. The Soviet Union’s influence was surging. Carter had facilitated an Islamist overthrow of a long time ally.

Is it any wonder that many of us consider these last four years Jimmy Carter’s second term?

In spite of all that, the US people were reluctantly standing behind Carter, because they wanted to show solidarity against Iran in the long-running hostage crisis.

After the hostage crisis had lingered for roughly a year, Washington Post columnist and political reporter David Broder gave America permission to criticize Carter. Once that small crack appeared in the media wall protecting Carter, it all came crumbling down and Reagan reversed what had been a late summer deficit in the polls into one of history’s greatest electoral landslides.

Americans are not eager to reelect Obama. A University of Colorado computer model that uses economic data to predict presidential elections, and has never failed to accurately predict the winner, forecasts a blowout Romney victory.

Nevertheless, Obama’s poll numbers continued to defy gravity. Voters stuck with Obama, not because they thought he was a good president, but because of extraneous factors. He was after all, the first black president. And just as Americans wanted the first black NFL quarterback and the first black Major League baseball manager to succeed, they wanted Obama to succeed.

But he has blown his chance. Americans need to realize that they are truly past racism when a black failure is held to the same standard as a white failure. If given the chance, would Americans elect Jimmy Carter again?


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