Thursday, October 04, 2012

Panicky Unbiased Journalist Offer Campaign Advice To Obama

And David Axelrod instructs them to do Obama's opposition research.
“Axe, I’m not sure you can hear me, David,” said NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, when she was invited to ask a question Oct. 4.

“I’m wondering whether the president, whether you have rethought the strategy of not bringing up either women’s issues, or the 47 percent or some of the other issues that have worked so well for you in your campaign advertising and in your stump speech?”

“I understand that there are a lot — particularly our supporters … who would have liked him to have, you know, entered into the record Bain, the tax returns and certainly the 47 percent” issues, Axelrod replied.

Early in the conference, “Axe” urged the reporters to investigate Romney’s statements during his win at the Denver debate against President Barack Obama.

“We are going to hold Gov. Romney accountable for the things he said last night … as I hope you will make him justify those claims, because we need a honest and a genuine and realistic plan to move forward as a country … not just a bunch of lines designed to get you through a debate.”
“Thanks very much for doing this everyone,” said the Washington Post’s Scott WIlson when he was invited to ask a question.

“Just to focus again on the president’s performance last night, you all have read some of the reviews — he appeared listless, distracted, annoyed at times. Will you be talking to him about that?”

“I’m not a theater critic. … He didn’t do it perhaps as much as Gov. Romney did as a performance, I readily concede that,” responded Axelrod.

But, he reassured Wilson, “I’m sure he will consider his approach moving forward, but I know he’s very very eager for the next debate on the 16th.”

“Hi guys, thanks for doing this,” said Sam Stein, a reporter at the Huffington Post.

“One of the things that has some Democrats that I’m talking to kind of perplexed is Obama’s statement last night, ‘I suspect that on Social Security we’ve got a somewhat similar position,’” he said. “Is it the campaign’s belief that the two candidates have a somewhat similar position on Social Security?”

“I’m not sure what Gov. Romney’s position is, but I know what his running mate’s position was, which is that we should privatize the Social Security system,” Axelrod replied. “The president wouldn’t support that at all.”

“Axe, this is Ben, can you hear me?” asked Ben Feller, AP correspondent. “Is it the view of the president that he actually did a good job in a crisp, coherent way of communicating with the American people?”


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