Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Sergeant Schultz Presidency

The year just passed might be remembered as the year of the Sergeant Schultz presidency. It's quite possible that Barack Obama trotted out the "I know nothing" excuse more frequently than any president in history. He certainly did so more often than anyone who claimed to know more about everything than anyone else.

For example, Obama had no idea that the National Security Administration was spying on Americans. Prior to this year, if you had a neighbor who worried that the federal government was reading his emails and listening in on his phone conversations, you would have guessed that he was one of those nutcases who kept a lookout for black helicopters and believed that Obama was secretly a Kenyan-born Muslim.

Now we know that the government has been listening in. And as more information has become available, we learn that Obama's NSA has been installing spyware on mail order computers, tablets and cellphones that allow the NSA full access to everything you use that device for. If you ordered a mail order iPhone, Big Brother can follow your calls, your Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as your text messages.

But, Obama knew nothing about it.

He may be forgiven for believing that this excuse would work. After all, when his pastor of more than two decades was exposed as a crude, American-hating racist, Obama told the world that it was all news to him and the news media fell for it. When he described terrorist William Ayers as just a guy who lived in his neighborhood and about who he knew little, the media adopted that line of bull, too.

Obama barely knew corrupt sleazeball Tony Rezko. But let's be fair. Who among us hasn't had a casual acquaintance arrange a sweetheart deal for a luxury home and property?

He had no idea that his Justice Department was smuggling guns to vicious Mexican drug cartels.

He knew nothingk! NOTHINGK!

So when it was revealed that the Internal Revenue Service was specifically targeting conservative political action committees, he can be forgiven for thinking that the Sergeant Schultz excuse would work just as well in 2013 as it did in 2008. Like everyone else, he learned about it when he read about it in the newspaper. He had no idea that the IRS was behaving so deplorably, and he was just as outraged as anyone else.

He was so outraged that as the footprints of the principals involved could be followed back to the Oval Office, he dismissed it as a "phony scandal."

So, what else did he not know this year?

Well, he didn't know that his administration was spying on Associated Press reporters. The Justice Department gained the phone records of 20 AP phone lines.

He didn't know that the Justice Department secretly named Fox News reporter James Rosen as a co-conspirator under the Espionage Act. This gave the Justice Department authority to tap his phone conversations and email exchanges.

Obama knew nothing about it. And neither did Attorney General Eric Holder, even though the law requires his direct involvement.

What else didn't Obama know?

He had no idea that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance as a consequence of his signature legislative achievement. He made this claim even though the record clearly shows that he was told in July of 2010 that between 40 percent and 80 percent of current plans would have to be canceled to comply with Obamacare regulations.

Considering that the same report also predicted Obamacare could void up to 69 percent of employer-provided health insurance plans almost certainly explains why Obama illegally postponed the employer mandate until after the 2014 elections.

And, Obama had no idea that the website, which his administration has had 31/2 years to prepare, didn't work. Internal documents reveal that just about everybody else expected the website to fail.

For that matter, Obama briefly forgot that he had lived with his illegal alien Uncle Omar for a few weeks back in the 1980s. Uncle Omar told reporters that the future president had lived under his roof for a few weeks after Obama moved to Cambridge to start Harvard Law School. When first asked about it, the White House denied the claim. Then the White House sent out a correction after Obama abruptly recalled that yes, he had lived with Uncle Omar.

Who knew that Obama would turn to Sergeant Schultz for inspiration?


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