Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Skeletons in Hillary's Closet

Unlike most dead, they won't be voting Democratic in 2016.
Hillary’s friends in high places in the media world will paint all criticism — all recollections of the past as prologue — as part of the “war on women.” They’re counting on the Republicans to let the canard go unchallenged, as Mitt Romney, the nicest of the nice Republicans, did.

The Hillary Democrats want equality for women, just not too much of it. They’ll appeal to what the feminist writer Camille Paglia calls Bubba’s “nostalgic popularity” while insisting that criticism, demands that she account for her dreadful irresponsibility, is the work of sexist men and their doxies.
But this time, it won’t work. There’s too much dreadful irresponsibility to account for. That conga line of skeletons is a long one, and they’re eager to do the two-step.


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