Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Charles Hurt Calls for the Removal of Barack Obama from Office

He no longer even attempts to do his job.

Has our president officially lost his ability to discharge the powers and duties of his office?
Anyone who listened to President Obama speak to reporters in Paris on Tuesday would reasonably conclude it is high time to start drawing up the papers to transmit to Congress for his removal.
If you are one of the millions and millions of literate Americans out there who have simply tuned this president out the past three or four years, that is certainly understandable. But if you tuned in to the long, rambling, empty press conference, you would have been truly alarmed.
Without the use of the teleprompter, his speech can be described only as “halting.” It was impossible to count the number of times he seized up, able to deaden the silence with only a drawn-out “uh,” “um” or “ahhh.”
The White House dutifully scrubbed all the halts and stutters from the official transcript, and it was impossible to count them in real time. But a sample of his incoherent word salad found him stuttering about every 15 words, which comes to more than 330 “uh-um-ahhs” in a single appearance.
This is not the same soaring speaker who inspired so many in 2008. This is a broken-down man who has lost the only gift he ever had.

Another Fake Racist Incident

Fabricated by a professional racial activist.

A recent Kean graduate has been charged with being responsible for a series of tweets threatening black students at the school two weeks ago, acting Union County Prosecutor Grace H. Park announced Tuesday.
Kayla-Simone McKelvey, 24, of Union – a black alum who graduated in May – was charged by summons with third-degree creating a false public alarm.

Park said an investigation by the Union County Prosecutor's Office's Special Prosecutions Unit and Kean University police found that McKelvey, a self-proclaimed activist, participated in a student rally to raise awareness of racism on college campuses on Nov. 17, but left midway through and walked to a computer station in a university library.

Once there, McKelvey allegedly created an anonymous Twitter account –  @keanuagainstblk – and began posting threats of violence against black Kean students.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Wave of Rape Follows the Tide of Muslim Immigrants

I'm seeing a pattern

A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organizations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.

  • Although the rape took place in June, police kept silent about it for nearly three months, until local media published a story about the crime. According to an editorial comment in the newspaper Westfalen-Blatt, police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration.
  • A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence.
  • Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter in Munich are male… the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. — Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
  • Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned parents not to let their daughter’s wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings.”
  • “When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.” — Bavarian politician, quoted in Die Welt.
  • A police raid on the Munich refugee facility found that guards hired to provide security at the site were trafficking drugs and weapons and were turning a blind eye to the prostitution.
  • Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mark Halperin's Racist Interview With Ted Cruz

Of course, we all remember when Mark Halperin asked Barack Obama to speak Swahili and perform Kenyan tribal dances.

Tony Rodham, A Parasite on a Parasite

Sleaze just runs in the Clinton family. 

As the youngest of three children, Tony Rodham has lived in the shadow of his sister. He never finished college, and he worked at a variety of jobs — as a prison guard, private detective and at the Democratic National Committee — until after the Clintons were in the White House, when he became a consultant and deal broker. 

Friday, May 08, 2015

Obama Regime Buries its Head in the Sand - In Plain Sight

Okay, so let me get this right:  There was an MOU insisted upon by the State Department (and White House) to ensure that, during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, there was full transparency of any foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, to protect against the possibility that foreign donors to the Foundation might be giving their money in exchange for favorable treatment by Secretary of State Clinton.  And that MOU was violated repeatedly.  Now, the Obama Administration is refusing to even investigate whether Clinton’s violation of the MOU may have actually caused the sort of bribery problems the MOU was designed to prevent?

Okay, so why have an MOU in the first place, if violations of it were not going to ever be investigated, or the agreement otherwise enforced?  Was it all just a dog and pony show, to allow Clinton to become Secretary of State and deflect possible criticism of her taking the post, given the potential for conflicts of interest?  The questions answer themselves, of course, but the fact that the Obama Administration is so blatantly and flippantly disregarding this nation’s interest in preventing corruption (at the highest level) is breathtaking– and telling.

Read it all here.

Progressives Love Blasphemous Art, as Long as it's Anti-Christian

Wanna dunk a crucifix into a jar of urine? According to liberals, you should get a federal grant.
Which brings us to Pamela Geller. I’m consistent: I didn’t like “Piss Christ,” and I don’t like insulting drawings of Mohammed. If Geller wanted an NEA grant to dunk Mohammed in beautifully illuminated urine, I would disagree quite strongly.  
But that’s not what she’s doing. She’s contending that in America, people are allowed to say offensive things without risking execution. I am at a loss as to why anyone would disagree with that. But I am utterly baffled how people who think it’s censorship to withdraw funding for anti-Christian “hate speech” can argue that private individuals have no right to express anti-Muslim views.

Pamela Geller Exposes Democrats, Muslims and Journalism

“Belief in a cruel god makes a cruel man.” – Thomas Paine

As CNN reported the news of a terrorist attack on Pamela Geller’s Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, any depiction of the Muslim prophet was blurred out. I did not bother tuning into other network broadcasts, but I have no doubt that all respectable news outlets similarly behaved in a similarly cowardly manner.

You won’t find the Mohammed cartoons in any newspapers either.

And they call the critics of Islam, “Islamophobes?” Please remind me: Who is it that‘s afraid of Islam? As Inigo Montoya remarked: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

What’s more amazing is that the very same people who will argue that Islam is a “religion of peace,” will also claim that the attack on Pamela Geller’s art exhibit was “predictable.”

This is what happens when one ideology has a near monopoly on mass media. They get intellectually complacent.

In the 1990’s, a controversy erupted after the National Endowment for the Arts funded several blasphemous, anti-Christian art exhibitions. After North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms vowed to strip funding from the NEA budget, the New York Times childishly called Helms “Senator Know-Nothing” and argued that offensive art was so essential to free speech that government should subsidize it.

But when it’s Pamela Geller defending the First Amendment, elite opinion has no use for her efforts.

 The government will subsidize art that offends Christians but will not provide security for Pamela Geller.

Generations of Campus Speech Codes Yields Ignorant Cable News Hosts

While most of the media are criticizing Pamela Geller for hosting a Mohammed drawing contest, Erick Wemple points out that Geller is one of the few defending the First Amendment from Islamofascim. Most of the media lack the courage to stand up for free speech.

Cable news personalities are hired to ask tough questions, and so these folks were doing their jobs in pressing Geller. Yet the unspoken message they send with this line of inquiry is one of suppression — that what Geller and her invitees were doing was wrong, provocative, naughty, stupid and downright unnecessary. Some pundits used those very words or a mixture of them. 
This strain of thought speaks to the power of precedent. In January, terrorists carried out a massacre of the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine, a publication that had compiled a record of depicting Muhammad in satirical ways. The attack, per force, elevated the newsworthiness of those cartoons: There was no way to fully understand the alleged motivations of the attackers without sampling the drawings that had placed a target on the magazine. 
Yet the American media folded into a crouch of cowardice and rationalization. The Associated Press’s statement said it would “refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.” The major networks stayed away from the pictures, and the cable networks followed suit, for the most part, with Fox News showing glimpses here and there. CNN said it was withholding the images as a measure to protect its personnel in overseas hotspots. (In the immediate aftermath of the attack, The Washington Post’s news side didn’t traffic in the images, though the editorial side published one on its op-ed page.)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

When Hillary Clinton was Against Gay Marriage

Monday, March 09, 2015

What Decades of Democrat Rule Delivers

The decline and fall of Detroit. The ruins of a formerly great American city.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

ISIS too Evil for Civilized Minds to Process

I didn’t watch that video of Islamic State butchers beheading twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christians on Libya’s Mediterranean coast. The still photos of the terrorists leading the Christians to their doom told me all I wanted to know.

I just finished a book on the Nazi’s death camp Auschwitz authored by Miklos Nyiszli, a Hungarian Jew who served as Dr. Josef Mengele’s pathologist for nine months in 1944. The book presents a jarring narrative of Mengele’s cruelty, Nazi psychopathy and the appalling industrialization of murder from the viewpoint of a man who spent most of a year staring into the Auschwitz maw.

Nyiszli served with Auschwitz’s 12th Sonderkommando. The Sonderkommando was a group of about 800 inmates who helped shepherd the Jews into the gas chambers and then stacked the dead bodies into the crematoriums. In exchange for this grizzly work, the Sonderkommando were well fed, well clothed and provided with comfortable quarters. Each Sonderkommando served four months and was then executed. Their successors’ first task was to load the previous Sonderkommando’s remains into the crematoriums for disposal.

Every Sonderkommando knew its fate and could predict the approximate date of its annihilation. And yet all but one marched meekly to their deaths.

A remarkable part of Nyiszli’s book is the scathing forward, written by Bruno Bettelheim. Bettelheim savaged the book’s author and the Jewish submission to the Nazis. Stories of Jews marching obediently to their deaths remain one of the enduring mysteries of the holocaust.

But as those Coptic Christians demonstrated, such submission is not unique to Jews. And I’m beginning to think that those Coptics’ acceptance of their fate serves as a metaphor for the entire civilized world’s submission to ISIS savagery. We’re not putting up serious opposition and it’s our government’s official position that we’re not actually at war with these barbarians.

This last Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder denied that we were at a war. One of Obama’s first priorities as president was to treat terrorism as a law enforcement problem. And the nation’s top law enforcement officer says, “What war?”

On that same day, at a conference on “violent extremism,” Vice President Joe Biden, who was selected to give Obama “gravitas” in foreign policy, declared himself an expert on Somalia because he had taken so many rides from Somali taxi cab drivers.

And to top it all off, the previous evening, during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf insisted that, to fight terrorism, we need to create jobs in Islamic countries. No doubt raising the minimum wage would help too.

What all these people need to do is read an exhaustively researched essay by Graeme Wood in the March issue of Atlantic Monthly titled: “What ISIS Really Wants.”

Wood interviewed Islamic State recruiters and spokesmen in western countries, as well as the world’s leading Islamic scholars. Because he prefers his head on his shoulders, he declined to visit the Islamic State. What he found was that, for the true believer, the Islamic State is the purest manifestation of Islam since the 7th century. The allure of the Islamic State for fundamentalist Muslims is attributable to its strict adherence to the Koran. Muslims who have been taught all their lives to pray for the restoration of a caliphate have their first legitimate caliph in a millennium.

ISIS slave markets, ISIS crucifixion of children, ISIS rape of women, and ISIS burning and beheading of non-Muslims and Muslims who exhibit insufficient purity are not just permitted by the Koran, but required by Mohammed’s teaching.

They don’t want jobs. They want Paradise. Theirs is an apocalyptic doctrine that has as its ultimate goal, hastening the end of the world.

And it is the official policy of the Obama administration that if we could create jobs for them, busting tires, flipping burgers, or manning phones in call centers, Muslims and Christians could live together in perfect harmony.

So here we are, marching ourselves into oblivion like the Jews of Auschwitz with our own government operating the crematoriums. There was nothing unique about the European Jews submission to Hitler’s domination. Their civilized minds simply could not intellectually process the Nazis’ depravity. Similarly, too much of western civilization refuses to admit the reality of the Islamic State.

And there are even those who seem to think we have it coming. Our own president ignorantly repeats the Muslim propaganda that the Crusades justify terrorism.

The ovens are waiting.