Sunday, November 30, 2003

Friedman Just Doesn't Understand the Left

Friedman Just Doesn't Understand the Left

Thomas Friedman, bless his naive heart, just doesn't understand the Left. He expresses his distress, in today's column, that the Left is not critical of Baathists and Bin Laden. He would understand them better if he realized that the Left is not really pro-anything. They are simply anti-American, anti-western civilization, anti-anything that makes their neighbors comfortable.

How else could an ideology that, in this country favors gay rights, be sympathetic to the Taliban, which executed homosexuals? The answer is that homosexuality makes most American uncomfortable, so the left favors it. The Taliban is anti-American, so the left favors the Taliban. The Left ironically calls conservatives "Nazis" as it most offensive term of derision, but the Left supports the Baathist resistance in Iraq. Baathists are direct decendents of the Nazi party.

Thomas Friedman and his fellow liberals will have to wean themselves for the support of the anti-American Left if they ever hope to be a significant force in this country. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party embraces the anti-American Left as can be heard in the rhetoric of the party's presidential candidates and their acceptance of millions from George Soros.


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