Friday, January 30, 2004

Is Saddam Surprised Too?

Is Saddam Surprised Too?

Every intelligence service in the world believed Iraq had WMD's. Saddam believed it too.

"Bush was misled by the CIA and the other intelligence agencies, which had been reporting for years that Saddam's regime was armed with such "weapons of mass destruction." Saddam was deceived by his own military scientists, who kept assuring him -- perhaps out of fear of losing their lives if they didn't -- that the weapons were being produced."

Attempting to reinvigorate his campaign by reigniting the crackpot vote, Howard Dean predictably howled, "They clearly tried to gin up every piece of intelligence to try to get us to go into that war."

The shinking pool of crackpots responded. "Now can we talk of impeachment?" asked LA Times columnist Robert Scheer.

David Kay has already answered that.

Brokaw: A lot of the president's political critics are going to say, "This is clear evidence that he lied to the American people."

Kay: Well, Tom, if we do that, I think we're really hurting ourselves. Clearly the intelligence that we went to war on was inaccurate, wrong. . . . I think if anyone was abused by the intelligence, it was the president of the United States rather than the other way around.

Brokaw: The president described Iraq as "a gathering danger." Was that an accurate description?

Kay: I think that's a very accurate description.


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