Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Now, It's The BBC That Should Be Investigated

Now, It's The BBC That Should Be Investigated

"A judge cleared British Prime Minister Tony Blair's government Wednesday of dishonorable behavior in the death of a British expert on Iraqi weapons."

Weapons expert David Kelly committed suicide after the BBC revealed that he was the source of a report critical of Tony Blair. Supposedly, Blair wanted intelligence on Iraq "sexed up" to justify war.

It later developed that it was the BBC that was sexing things up and had greatly exaggerated what Kelly had told them. I don't think the BBC would survive similar scrutiny with its reputatio intact.

Update, the BBC did not survive the scrutiny with its reputation.

The report allegedly focuses criticism on the BBC for failing to monitor the work of its journalists, in particular Andrew Gilligan, whose reports for the Today programme started the row. It also says that Dr Kelly killed himself after being "publicly disgraced".


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